Class 6 Chapter 8 Decimals Math Formulas

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After the decimal, the first number represents the tenth part of the whole.


For Example:-

0.2, 9.8


Fractions as decimals:-

It is easy to write the fractions with 10 as the denominator in decimal form but if the denominator is not 10 then we have to find the equivalent fraction with denominator 10.

=   = 2+0.4 = 2.4

= 2.5


Decimals as Fractions:-

For Example:–

3.2 = 3 + 0.2 = 3 +  =  +  =


Place value:-

Place value gives a value of the number depending on its location.


For example:-

In 13548, 1 is in ten thousands place and its place value is 10,000. Also, 3 is in thousands place and its place value is 3,000,


Addition of Decimals:-

We can add decimals just like the whole numbers but the decimal will remain at the same place as it was in the given numbers. We have to line up the decimal point in each number while writing them, and then add them as a whole number.


For Example:-

1.20 + 0.34 = 1.54


Subtraction of Decimals:-

Subtraction is also done as normal whole numbers after lining up the decimals of the given number.


For example:-

1.50 – 0.25 = 1.25


Decimals in length measurement:-

5cm = m = 0.05m ( Move decimal to left by 2 units in the numerator as there are two zeroes in the denominator)


Decimals in weight measurement:-

112 g = kg = 0.112 kg (Move the decimal to the left by 3 places in the numerator as there are 3 zeroes in the denominator)