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Important Math Formulas

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The first and the basic step towards solving any Mathematical problem is the formula that is required for it. The majority of the Math problems are solved using formulas. So it becomes very important to memorize all the Important Math Formulas by heart. In most cases, students get to remember the formulas by writing them again and again while practicing different types of questions but still, having the chapter-wise Important Math Formulas arranged on a single sheet is considered a good practice as it allows students to revise all the Mathematical Formulas quickly and efficiently.

Searching for the important formulas of all chapters and then arranging them can be very time consuming and boring as well. In doing so, students might also miss any important formula. So to save time and ensure zero fallacy, Swiflearn has come up with the chapters-wise Important Math Formulas for Class 6 to 10. All these important formulas are provided by our expert teachers at Swiflearn as per the latest CBSE syllabus and guidelines.

Below are the class-wise links to all Math Formulas from Class 6 to 10.

Important Math Formulas for Class 6

Important Math Formulas for Class 7

Important Math Formulas for Class 8

Important Math Formulas for Class 9

Important Math Formulas for Class 10


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