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Technical – Full Forms

Technical Abbreviations
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An abbreviation is a group of words or sentences combined to make a shorter meaningful word. Abbreviations are used in every subject and also in day-to-day life and it is necessary to know the full forms of the abbreviations that we use commonly and also in subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, and even in the Banking and Aviation Sector. Abbreviations not only save time and energy however also a smarter way to communicate and some globally accepted abbreviations are understood by all age groups. Certain technical full forms are used in Technology and subjects related to it. Students and Kids who have a keen interest in Technology and IT sector should be aware of the full forms that are most commonly used and If your kid is planning to become a Software Engineer or has an interest in the IT sector or advanced technology the following abbreviation will encounter here and there in many subjects and it’s important to learn those abbreviations but will also help them during competitive examinations and entrance exams. 


Some common technical full forms are as follows:

AC – Alternate Current
ACD – Automatic Call Distributor
AJAX – Asynchronous JavaScript and XML
AMC – Annual Maintenance Contract
AMD – Advanced Micro Devices
AMIE – Associate Member of the Institution of Engineers
AMW – Asian Motors Limited
API – Application Programming Interface
APK – Android Application Package
ASCII – American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASLV – Augmented Satellite Launch Viechle
ASP – Active Server Page
ASR – Automated Speech Recognition
ATA – Advanced Technology Attachment
AWACS – Airborne Warning and Control System
AT&T – American Telephone & Telegraphy Company
BARC – Bhaba Atomic Research Center
BASIC – Beginner’s All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
BBC – British Broadcasting Corporation
BCA – Bachelor of Computer Application
BE – Bachelor of Engineering
BIOS – Basic Input Output System
BLOB – Binary Large Object
BPL – British Physical Laboratories Group
BPO – Business Process Outsourcing
BSC – Base Station Controller
B.Tech – Bachelor’s of Technology
CAD – Computer-Aided Design
CC – Carbon Copy
CCC – Course on Computer Concepts
CCTV – Closed Circuit Television
CD – Compact Disc
CDMA – Code Division Multiple Access


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CFL – Compact Fluorescent Lamp
CGI – Computer Generated Imagery
CIF – Customer Information File
CNC – Computerized Numerical Control
CPU – Central Processing Unit
CRM – Customer Relationship Management
CRT – Cathode Ray Tube
CSE – Computer Science Engineering
CSIR – Council of Scientific and Industrial Research
CSS – Cascading Style Sheet
CTO – Chief Technology Officer
COMPUTER – Common Operating Machine Purposely Used for Technological and Education Research
DC – Data Compression
DCA – Diploma in Computer Application
DDR – Double Data Rate
DHCP – Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
DNS – Domain Name System
DRDO – Defence Research and Development Organization
DSC – Digital Signature Certificate
DSL – Digital Subscriber Line
DSLR – Digital Single-Lens Reflex
DST – Department of Science and Technology
DTP – Desktop Publishing
DVD – Digital Video Disc
DP – Data Processing
EBRT – External Beam Radiation Therapy
ECE – Electronics And Communication Engineering
EDI – Electronic Data Interchange
EDP – Electronic Data Processing
EEE – Electrical and Electronics Engineering
EJB- Enterprise Java Bean
EMG – Electromyogram
EMI – Electromagnetic Interference
ENIAC – Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer
ERNET – Education and Research Network
FAX – Facsimile
FM – Frequency Modulation
FTP – File Transfer Protocol
GATE – Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering
GCC – GNU Compiler Collection
GIF – Graphics Interchange Format
GPRS – General Packer Radio Service
GPS – Global Positioning System
GSLV – Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Viechle
GSM – Global System for Mobile Communication
GUI – Graphical User Interface
GOOGLE – Global Organization of Oriented Group Language of Earth
HCL – Hindustan Computers Limited
HD – High Definition
HDMI – High Definition Multimedia Interface
HP – Hewlett – Packard
HTC – High Tech Computer
HTML – HyperText Markup Language
HTTP – HyperText Transfer Protocol
HVDC – High Voltage Direct Current Transmission
IBM – International Business Machines
IC – Integrated Circuit
ICT – Information for Communications and Technology
IDE – Integrated Drive Electronics
IEC – International Electrotechnical Commission
IEEE – Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IES – Indian Engineering Service
I/O – Input Output
IIT – Indian Institute of Technology
IMEI – International Mobile Equipment Identity
INTERNET – Interconnected Network
IPC – Interprocess Communication
IP – Internet Protocol
ISP – Internet Service Provider
ISRO – Indian Space Research Organization
ITES – International Technology Enabled Services
ITIL – Information Technology Infrastructure Library
IVR – Interactive Voice Response 
JSF – JavaServer Faces
JSON – JavaScript Object Notation
Kbps – Kilobits Per Second
KPI – Key Performance Indicator
KPO – Knowledge Process Outsourcing
LASER – Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of India
LCD – Liquid Crystal Display
LED – Light Emitting Diode
LG – Lucky GoldStar
MAC – Media Access Control
MAN – Metropolitan Area Network
MCA – Masters In Computer Application
MBPS – MegaByte Per Second
MCB – Miniature Circuit Breaker
MICR – Magnetic Ink Character Recognition
MIS – Management Information System
MPEG – Moving Picture Experts Group
MS – Microsoft
MTNL – Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited
MTS – Microsoft Transaction Server
NAC – Network Access Control
NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NTFS – New Technology File System
OCR – Optical Character Recognition
OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer
OST – Offline Storage Table
PC – Personal Computer
PCI – Peripheral Component Interconnect
PHP – HyperText Preprocessor
PING – Packet Internet Groper
PNG – Portable Network Graphics
PSLV – Polar Satellite Launch Viechle 
PST – Personal Storage Table
PSU – Power Supply Unit
PUC – Personal Unlock Code
RADAR – Radio Detection and Ranging
RAM – Random Access Memory
RAW – Research and Analysis Wing
RFID – Radio Frequency Identification
RGB – Red Green Blue
RPM – Revolution Per Minute
SAP – Systems Application and Products
SAS – Statistical Analysis Software
SATA – Serial Advanced Technology Attachment
SCADA – Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition
SDK – Software Development Kit
SEO – Search Engine Optimization
SIM – Subscriber Identity Module
SLA – Service Level Agreement
SLR – Single Lens Reflex
SMPS – Switching Mode Power Supply
SMS – Short Messaging Service
SMTP – Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
SONAR – Sound Navigation and Ranging
SOP – Standard Operating Procedure
SPSS – Special Packages for the Social Sciences
SQL – Structured Query Language
SSD – Solid State Drive
SSL – Secure Socket Layers
STD – Subscriber Trunk Dialing
TAFE – Tractor and France Equipment
TCP/IP – Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol
TCS – Tata Consultancy Services
TDM – Time Domain Reflectometer
TFT – Thin Film Transistor
TPA – Third Party Administrator
TRAI – Telecom Regulatory Authority of India
TRP – Television Rating Point
UDP – User Datagram Protocol
UIDAI – Unique Identification Authority Of India
UKSA – United Kingdom Space Agency
UML – Unified Modeling Language
UNDP – United Nations Development Programme
UNESCO – United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
UNO – United Nations Organization
UPA – United Progressive Alliance
UPSC – Union Public Service Commission
UPS – Uninterruptable Power Supply
URL – Uniform Resource Locator
USB – Universal Serial Bus
USSD – Unstructured Supplementary Service Data
VFX – Visual Effects
VGA – Video Graphics Array
VHDL – VHSIC (Very High Speed Integrated Circuit) Hardware Description Language
VIRUS – Vital Information Report Under Seize
VLC – VideoLAN Client
Volte- Voice Over Long Term Evolution
VPI – Virtual Path Identifier
WIFI – Wireless Fidelity
WIPO – World Intellectual Property Organization
WIPRO – Western Indian Products
WPA – Wi-Fi Protected Access
WWW – World Wide Web
XGA – Extended Graphics Array
XML – eXtensible Markup Language
XMPP – Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol
YAHOO – Yet Another Hierarchy of Officious
ZIP – ZigZag Inline Package

Here are a few technical full forms that you can find in terms of technology and are universally used and adapted. Learning these abbreviations will not help you with the competitive exams will also help you to understand quickly during your lectures about the Software and Hardware parts.

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