NASA Full Form

NASA Full Form
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NASA Full Form

What is the full form of NASA? NASA full form is the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. The Organization is an independent agency of the United States for civilian space research and aeronautics program.

NASA was established in the year 1958 took over from the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA).

Since then NASA has been involved in many Space programs and missions of unmanned and Commercial Crew Vehicles. In the USA any men made Object pretty much that can fly would be a part of the NASA program or research.

For the Aviation Industry and Astronomy / Space Science students, NASA Headquarters is considered to be the MECCA of Space on Earth. NASA Headquarters is in Washington DC ( United States) which is also the capital city of the country. With more than 17000 employees and many Government Contractors, NASA is the amongst the only few companies who has more than One -Third of the Women workforce and about 12% scientist as Indians.

NASA’s mission is to develop a space science technologies which comprises of Unmanned Aireal Viechles (UAV), space exploration, study of the galaxy, planets, and commercial aircraft. NASA so far is never in-charge of military missions and has the vision of exploring and broadening knowledge and scope for humanity.


Goals and Vision of NASA

The primary goal and Vision of NASA are:

• Extension of human activities across the Solar system for better sustainment and finding alternative sustain possibilities.

• Expanding the scientific understanding of the complexity in the earth’s structure and the similar around the universe.

• Creation and Innovation of New Space Technologies which is accessible for all.

• Creating and Experimenting with new and advanced aeronautics research so that no distance seems to be far.

• NASA conducts aeronautics and space activities for Institutions and groups to find Innovations and Possibilities.

• NASA has the responsibility to share all the data with the public through Institutions, Educators, and students to share the knowledge and provide opportunities.


Besides all of the above NASA is also majorly involved in environmental and climate research especially during emergencies like tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, and major natural calamities to determine the root cause and behaviour of Earth core and tectonic plates during emergencies. NASA is also working on missions with eco-friendly fuels for space shuttle launches to protect the Ozone layers and Space pollutions during Aireal launches.

Successful Programs by NASA

NASA has launched various successful manned and unmanned space missions which have helped millions of people worldwide. The list of all the successful missions are like:

Vostok Mission ( USSR,1956-1964)

• Project Mercury( USA, 1959-1963)

• North American X-15(USA, 1954-1968)

• Voskhod Program (USSR, 1964-1965)

• Project Gemini (USA, 1965-1966)

• Soyuz Program (USSR, 1965- Ongoing)

• Apollo Program (USA, 1961-1975)

• Space Shuttle (USA, 1972-2011)

• Shenzhou Program( China, 1992-Ongoing)

• SpaceShip One/Spaceship Two (USA, 2011- Ongoing)

• Dragon 2 (USA, 2010 – Ongoing)

• Salyut Stations (USSR, 1971- 1986)

• Skylab (USA, 1973-1974)

• Mir (USSR/Russia, 1986-2001)


Likewise, there are many many successful missions that NASA has successfully launched both manned and unmanned UAVs for the betterment of society.

NASA STEM – NASA (Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics)

Do you know that NASA has an engagement program right for kids from class 3rd to 12th and the program is for educators and teachers as well? You read it right!
NASA has a STEM series of products and opportunities that provide a platform for students to contribute to NASA’s discovery and exploration. STEM is a mission-driven activity that includes over 20 scientific and evidence-based products and opportunities to engage students and learn new skills and of course exclusive NASA experience.

NASA is also one of the safe websites for children on the Internet to play and engage as there are various topics, activities, and games to play of various skill levels which starts from right to Pre-K through grade 4 and above. The games also support national education standards. 


Upcoming NASA Projects

With 2020 about to end with only 2.5 months left NASA has also paused most of their projects due to global pandemic worldwide and were asked to work from home and research as much as possible however now they are gearing up for a busy rest of the year and 2021.


Here is the list of programs that NASA is currently working On:


NASA SpaceX Crew-I – Expanding the Crew Members in the Space Station

OSIRIS- Rex– Collect Sample from Asteroid and Return to Earth

SLS and Orion SpaceCraft– Testing of Uncrewed flight test to space.

Sentinel-6 Michael Freilinch Satellite – To collect the most accurate data Yet of the Sea Levels.

Blue Origin/ Space X Program – For the first time NASA will collaborate with a Private Organization    (TESLA) to send Private Astronauts to Moon Starting 2024

Double Asteroid Redirection Test- NASA has constantly worked for human Welfare and to protect Earth against Asteroid hits are planning to deliberately prepare a crash system of size of a car to test the change in motion.


There are many more programs added to the list of NASA which will definitely help human man-kind to sustain in the coming years and for the Welfare. The World would be a better place with more Organizations like NASA.


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