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full form of PWD
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What is PWD Full Form?

The full form of PWD is Public Works Department. The PWD department is an entity of Government of India and is responsible for the construction of public infrastructure like roads, government buildings, bridges, water systems around the country. PWD department is also responsible for maintenance of government buildings like government schools, colleges hospital roads, pipelines for drinking water, or maintenance of broken pipes is also taken care of by PwD.

PWD is present in every state of the nation and has divisions, sub-divisions, and sections. In every state, the entity has almost the same responsibility like the development of projects undertaken by the government, designing of projects or implementation of the projects, providing safety and facilities on the national and inter-state highways, maintenance of government buildings, etc.

Before the 19th century, the PWD task was conducted by the military in India however, later the responsibilities and tasks were handed over to the special section of the Indian Civil Services.

Roles & Responsibilities of PWD

• Construction of Roads, Highways, Safety, and Flyovers
PWD is responsible for the construction of Roads including the safety of the national and interstate highways and construction and architectural designing of flyovers where necessary.

• Construction and Maintenance of Government Buildings
PWD is also responsible for the construction or maintaining of government buildings that are handled by the government like Schools, Colleges, or hospitals and assuring that the buildings are always well-maintained and have basic amenities.

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• Construction and Maintenance of Bridges
PWD is also responsible for the construction and maintenance of bridges and makes sure that the bridges are always well maintained for the safety of the public.

• Providing Safe Drinking Water
PWD is responsible to provide safe drinking water in the urban and rural areas and making sure to fix the faulty or leakage pipes so that there is a continuous supply of water for the public in cities and villages.

Other Abbreviations of PWD

There are many other full forms of PWD in which the most commonly used after the Public Works Department is People With Disability which is used in the medical speciality.
A person having a long-term intellectual, physical or mental disability that affects full and active participation of the human body is also known as PWD.

Some of the common PWD lists include:
Blindness: Total absence of sight or less than 3/60
Cerebral Palsy: Caused by abnormal motor control posture due to an accident or poor infant development.
Hearing – Impairment: Loss of hearing of sixty decibels or more
Low Vision: Person with impairment of visual functioning even after treatment
Locomotor Disability: Disability of the bones or joints leading to substantial restrictions
Leprosy – Cured: A person cured with Leprosy however has loss of sensation in hands or legs.
Mental Retardation: Person with incomplete brain development causing subnormality of intelligence
Mental – Illness: Any mental health issues other than retardation causing abnormal behaviour.

There are some other abbreviations of PWD however they are rarely used or are subject-specific like
– Pulse Width Deviation
– Print Working Directory
– Psychological Warfare Division
– Peoria Web Design
– Programmed Warhead Detonation
– Present Working Directory
– People with Diabetes

The Public Works Department is the most commonly used full form of PWD however now you know the other full forms too and can understand in which context PWD was used.