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full form of PS
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What is PS Full Form?

The full form of PS is Postscript. Postscript is derived from the Latin word which is “Post Scriptum” which means “Written After”.
The definition of Postscript is it can be a line or a paragraph added after the signature line. There can be many reasons to add postscript such as to express and thought or providing additional information. Full form of PS is Postscript, it is also known as a simple message to focus on the afterthoughts or expressing your view during submissions.

Correct Way to Add a Postscript (P.S.)

* It should begin with P.S before the message

* Skip a line after a signature line to add a postscript

* Should be added at the end of the letter after a signature line.

Correct Places to Add a Postscript (P.S.)

* Emails

* Websites


* Blogs/Articles

About Us

We at Swiflearn have a Single Motto – That learning should never stop. With more than 50500+ happy and satisfied students shaping their future under 590+ active teachers and with 117431+ total classes, we have come a far and long way to go. Swiflearn’s founders and core team members are graduates from IIT Bombay and IIM Ahmedabad having secured top ranks in IIT-JEE, scholars of NTSE, and national Olympiads. We believe that personal attention from teachers and academic mentors is very essential for the maximum learning of each student and hence we focus all our efforts to ensure every student receives the best possible personalized learning experience from India’s best teachers.
Our team has worked in top-tier consulting, education, and technology firms in the past and are equipped with the best in industry experiences to provide a sincere effort for each student’s learning using cutting-edge technology. We try harder than anyone else to deliver the best quality learning at the least possible costs.

Why Swiflearn?
• We provide India’s best Teachers
Our 5 stage 20 parameter selection process selects only the top 1% of teachers from all applicants who are well educated, qualified, and motivated to deliver the best learning experience to each student.

• Personal Attention
Maximum 6 students per class. We believe every kid has their own learning curve and needs personalized teaching to help them succeed academically

• Innovative Methodology
Our pedagogy is unique and in-house developed. We use the SWIFLEARN FRAMEWORK which motivates every child to participate in the class.

• Rigorous Approach
At Swiflearn, we work hard with the child to achieve good results and help achieve success


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