OTT Full Form

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What is OTT Full Form?

Only a few may know before the Pandemic the full form and importance of OTT.
OTT stands for Over the Top and refers to any streaming services that deliver the content over the Internet rather through a traditional cable or from a broadcast service provider.
OTT content is streamed through devices like
– Apple TV
– Chrome cast
– Play Station
– Xbox
– Amazon Fire Stick and many other streaming devices.
The services provided in an OTT are not free content and the user has to pay a specific amount to watch the content which is commonly referred to as a Subscription. The commonly known OTT service providers are
– Amazon Prime
– Netflix
– Hotstar
– Disney Now
– Youtube Premium
– HBO Now and many more
Nowadays, A web-enabled TV or any device that can connect through the internet like a desktop, laptop, or tablet with an adequate internet speed can view the OTT content. The initial popularity of OTT content started when Netflix has started showing original content instead of old boring movies repeating pretty much every week. There are thousands of memes online about a movie that was shown every week every month which is “Sooryawansham” and many may remember the movie scenes by heart. A sharp growth was acknowledged in the popularity of Netflix due to which many giant organizations have started developing OTT content and producing real shows that youth may like.

On March 21, 2020, when there was a nation-wide lockdown due to a global pandemic (Covid-19) the Cinema halls were closed for an indefinite period the OTT service providers were reached out by various famous directors and producers to release their projects and when everybody was either working from home or studying from home OTT were the life saviour in their free time and provided access to unlimited content comparatively as a reasonable price.

Benefits of OTT (Over the Top) Platform
The main benefits of OTT Platform and the reason why they gained over-night popularity are listed below:
Cost-Effective: OTT media is very cost-effective as compared to watching shows in traditional D2H connections or watching recent movies in a theatre.

No – Commercials: Kids born in the 90’s or 2000’s know when you are watching a movie with concentration and at the climax or the show stopper scene a regular commercial arrives and goes for at least 10-15 minutes. The major benefit of watching OTT content is that you can watch your favourite content without any commercial which not only keeps the momentum but will also save your time. After the Covid 19 outbreak, most of the renowned producers prefer to release their movies on an OTT platform since the viewers are now more on the OTT.

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• Diversity: OTT offers diversity in various genres of content right from Movies, TV shows, News, Sports, Kids and you can also classify in the movies and music section that what would you like to prefer like Action Movies, Horror Movies, or Comedy Movies. Besides the regional or national selection, you can get hands-on international movies, songs, and shows.

• Easy to Use: OTT content can be easily accessed. All you need is a stable internet connection and a device that can stream OTT content like a Fire Stick or a Laptop or a Tablet and the content is right on your finger-tips.

• Convenience: Have you ever experienced a situation where you have to use the wash-room badly but you cannot leave as you might miss the climax or the ending? Well, you don’t have to anymore since you can pause the movie or the show as many times as you want or can resume the next day without any issue with no geographical restriction and no matter where you are tomorrow. You just have to log into your account and you can resume the show from there.

OTT’s have changed the trend for good and hopefully, with too many platforms coming into the market with time they will be affordable for all.