Full-Form of OPD

full form of OPD
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The full form of OPD is Out – Patient Department. OPD is also known as the first point of contact between patients and the medical staff. Whenever a patient comes to the hospital the first point of contact is the OPD. It is the OPD’s responsibility to decide the right department for the patient.
OPD’s are the first point of contact for a patient therefore for the patients to easily access the OPD’s are structured on the ground floor of the hospital. 

The OPD’s are categorized into several departments like Neurology, Orthopaedics, Gynecology, and General medicine department.

• Difference Between Out-Patient and In-Patient

Out-Patient: An outpatient is a patient who is not hospitalized for 24 hours or more but has to visit to the hospital for treatment or diagnosis.

In-Patient: An In-patient is a patient who is hospitalized for overnight or several days depending upon the severity of the illness.

As we now know the full form of OPD there are some other acronyms of OPD like

– Original Pack Dispensing: The process of dispensing some medications, ointments, or liquid is known as Original pack dispensing (OPD)

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Once Per Day: It is an activity which needs to be performed once and every day. The term once per day is used mostly in medications or therapies

– Overfill Protection Device: It is a device that is used to protect overfilling of vessels or tanks. The device is mostly installed in underground or over-head tanks.

– Optical Path Difference: The product of the length traveled by light via a medium and the index of refraction of the traveling medium is known as Optical path difference (OPD).

– Ocean Physics Department: A department of Science that uses physics to understand the nature and environment of the marine world.

-Over Pressure Device: It is a device that is used to prevent the build-up of pressure in downstream piping

– Office of Public Defence: The office of public defense is run by the central government of India. The Office is also known as OPD in short.

Here are some other common acronynms used for the OPD.


FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions on OPD) 

  • Do all the hospitals have OPD’s?
    Yes, you can find OPD in all the private and government hospitals. OPD’s are also known as reception in various hospitals though it is different as the reception can guide you the way to OPD but OPD is held responsible for treatments and admissions.

    • Does OPD also gives Treatment?
    The OPD is held responsible for diagnosing and referring. The OPD doctors will diagnose and refer you to the concerned department and also for the admission of the patient if needed.

    • What is In-Patient?
    An In-Patient is a patient who is hospitalized overnight or for several days as per diagnosis by the OPD and depending upon the severity of the illness.

    Hope we have covered all the full forms of OPD and now you know which OPD needs to be used at the right time.