Full-Form of LOL

The full form of LOL
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The full form of LOL is Laugh Out Loud. It is internet slang that expresses laughter. The word is so worldwide spread that it has now been used as computer-mediated communication or even in face-to-face communication.
Before we proceed further and explain the history and appropriate use of LOL, let us understand why it is Internet slang or what internet slang is.

What is Internet Slang?
Internet slang is a net-slang or cyber speak which is used by people over the internet. There is no standard definition of words that are used in internet slang since the trends are always changing. The purpose of using Internet slang is to save people from using keystrokes or to limit the chat. Many people use internet slang for texting over social media chats or instant messaging.

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Where to Use LOL?
LOL is used in conversation over the internet and shall not be used in official communication or emails since the word is used for socializing and expressing that something is very funny and that they are laughing very loudly on that.

Facts about LOL
• On March 24, 2011 “LOL” was formally recognized in Oxford English Dictionary
• In the 1960s LOL was an initialism for “Little Old Lady”
• The word laugh Out Loud was the first time messaged by Wayne Pearson in the 1980s
• In Swedish the word LOL was known as asgarv which means “Intense laughter”
• In Dutch LOL is not an acronym it’s a word that coincidentally means “fun”

We hope now you know what is LOL The full form of LOL is Laugh Out Loud and what is internet slang and from where it originated and the interesting facts about LOL(Laugh Out Loud)