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Abbreviations or rather say a short form of the words are now used everywhere. An abbreviation is a group of words or sentences combined to make a shorter meaningful word. Abbreviations are used in every subject and also in day-to-day life and it is necessary to know the full forms of the abbreviations that we use commonly however certain abbreviations can have more than one meaning like DP.
DP can also be known as “Display Picture” or “Data Processing”

Let’s go ahead and find the difference between the two and understand where to use both the full forms appropriately.

• Display Picture (DP)
DP in social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram is a profile picture that distinguishes between the persons or creates a visual impact on the viewers of the contact list. People use various kinds of filters and gradients to add in the DP to be more attractive and identify the person. Social media influencers and celebrities use professional services to have vibrant and mystic display pictures so that they can attract more clients and can increase their income.
Many Dating Websites ask you to put a mandatory display picture to identify how you look and to authenticate that they are receiving the right information. The display picture should be bright and clear and there are many beauty-enhancing applications available online free of cost that you can try to crop, add filters or rain or fire effects and distinguish your DP from billions of profiles available online.

• Data Processing (DP)
The DP in technology is referred to as a process of carrying out the operations on data especially by a computer to retrieve, transform or classify information. In Layman’s term converting the raw form of data to a meaningful shape through processing it on the software available in the computer. DP is used to decrease the manual process as it is used for calculating, analyzing, and storing data.
The entire process of DP in Technology Includes
• Validation – Ensures Correct Data has been delivered
• Sorting – Arranging the data into the right Order
• Analysis – Accurate Calculations are done by the Computer
• Classification – Categorizes the data into the right place
• Summarizing – Structuring data to the root points
• Aggregation – Combines data logically

Future of DP – Data Processing.
For all those tech-savvy or aspiring computer engineers, the future of data processing lies in the cloud. Cloud Technology has already started data processing methods and accelerating speed and effectiveness.

Data Processing Cycle
The entire data processing cycle of the data in a computer is as follows

Some common FAQ’s on DP

• Is it safe to Keep my personal image as my DP in a social media account?
There have been cases that the personnel profile cases have been misused by hackers for creating a duplicate account with the same name or for inappropriate obscenity therefore in our context it’s not safe though people keep uploading their images online for their contact to identify. Social media sites are trying hard and coming up with new ideas of profile pictures lock and safety though they have a long way to go and it may get risky as an unreliable contact may add you as your friend and use your profile pictures.

• What is the Commonly Used Software for Data Processing?
There are many software used for data processing like MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. They are the most user-friendly software and is used by pretty much everyone now.

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• Can I Keep my Display Picture on my Professional Account?
Yes, as it confirms the authenticity of a job applicant. There are websites like LinkedIn or glassdoor that ask you to upload your recent image and this may help the employer to recognize you when you meet them and it will also add weight to your profile.

Here are the two DP’s that are used in everyday life and now you can easily differentiate where to use the right DP.