Full-Form of ASAP

full form of ASAP
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What is the full form of ASAP? ASAP stands for As Soon As Possible. It is mostly used to express the urgency to complete a task in a short period of time. It means that a task should be done at a higher priority and to complete it as soon as it can be without delay.

It is generally spoken in the form of Acronym such as “Send the documents to my place, ASAP”. It is also a popular chat abbreviation generally used in online social communication such as e-mail, chat or instant messaging.

So, if you want to show that some work needs to be done, reviewed or handled immediately, you can you this Acronym in your conversations. For Example:

  1. I want online orders purchased from Flipkart delivered to my office, ASAP.
  2. I need to connect to the customer support team for resolving the fund’s issue ASAP.
  3. I will complete the project ASAP so that I can submit the files to my class teacher.
  4. Complete the Java Script ASAP so that we can update the client.
  5. I need medicines ASAP to get some relief from the headache.
  6. Guest are arriving and I have to reach home ASAP.
  7. The shop is closing soon and I have to reach there ASAP to purchase the bike.
  8. The doctor is asking for the blood test and wants to see the report ASAP.
  9. My GATE classes are running fast and I have to complete the final assignment ASAP.
  10. I have asked my driver to reach home ASAP.
  11. I need to attend a party in the evening and need my clothes ready ASAP.
  12. I am super hungry and want to eat some good food ASAP.
  13. I want to meet my friends ASAP before they leave for the weekend.
  14. The engineer is asking for the construction material ASAP so that he can start the work.
  15. I have some urgent work and need to resolve the power cut issue ASAP.
  16. Ask the doctor to come home ASAP.
  17. Father is calling to get him his car ASAP.
  18. I have to reach home ASAP to attend the wedding of my brother.
  19. Running late on my projects, have to complete is ASAP.
  20. Looking for financial support ASAP to pay the EMIs of my house.


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