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Full form of AM and PM

AM and PM
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The full form of AM is Ante-Meridiem. It’s a Latin term and was developed from the middle of the second millennium BC to the 16th Century AD. We generally use Ante-Meridiem as A.M. which is for the 12-hour clock and divides the day into two equal parts from 12 – 12. AM signifies before mid-day. The AM starts from 12 in the mid-night and ends at 12 in the noon.

PM also stands for Post-Meridiem. PM starts at the post-mid-day period which is also in the 12-hour time format and is also known as the second period of the day. The PM starts at noon and ends at midnight and from 12:00:01 the digital and the autonomous clock display AM from midnight to next noon.

Counties that Use AM & PM
The 12-hour timing usage system is very common in many English Speaking nations and Countries like the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, the United StatesCanada (excluding Quebec), AustraliaNew ZealandIndiaPakistanBangladeshMalaysiaMalta, and others follow this convention as well such as EgyptMexicoNepal and the former American colony of the Philippines

FAQ’s on AM & PM

• Is 12 midnight be called 12 PM or 12 AM?
There are many students and working professionals that confuse PM with AM. Although the convention suggests that 12 AM is midnight and 12 PM is Noon. In Order to avoid confusion, it would be better to use 12 midnight or 12 noon.

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• How to Convert the 12-hour time format to 24 hours or vice versa?
It is a very simple process to convert the 12-hour time format to 24. The convention says that from midnight 12 to noon 12 it counted on the clock as from 1-12 however once the clock is at 1 p.m. you need to add (12+1) =1300 hours therefore after 12 you can add the number of hours to the current time and can change the clock to 24 hours time format and likewise you can subtract the current time (-) Less 12 hours e.g. If its 1700 hours so you can subtract 17:00-12:00 which is 5 p.m.

We hope you now know the difference between AM & PM and can understand and use it properly.