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Important Full Forms

Abbreviations or rather say a short form of the words are now used everywhere. An abbreviation is a group of words or sentences combined to make a shorter meaningful word. Abbreviations are used in every subject and also in day-to-day life and it is necessary to know the full forms of the abbreviations that we use commonly and also in subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and even in the Banking Sector. Abbreviations not only save time and energy however also a smarter way to communicate. So let’s go ahead and find some commonly Used and Technical Abbreviations.

Some Common Used Abbreviations

ASAP – As soon as possible
CFL – Compact fluorescent lamp
NCR – National Capital Region
DP – Display Picture
IPL – Indian Premier League
DSLR – Digital Single-lens reflex
PS – PostScript
RSVPRépondez s’il Vous Plait
INR – Indian National Rupee
OK – OLL Korrect
BASIC – Beginner’s all-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
These are some common acronym that we use commonly on day to day basis while communicating.

Now let’s go ahead and find some abbreviations that are used in the banking sectors and for the competitive and banking examinations.
ATM – Automated Teller Machine
–  KYC – Know Your Customer
–  PAN – Permanent Account Number
–  NEFT – National Electronic Funds Transfer
–  RTGS – Real Time Gross Settlement
–  CTC – Cost to Company
–  PIN – Personal Identification Number
–  ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning
–  IFSC – Indian Financial System Code
–  SEBI – Securities and Exchange Board of India

There are some technical abbreviations that we use daily however it’s important to know the full form of those acronyms when you are competing in the boards and the technical entrance examinations which are as follows:
CCTV – Closed Circuit Television
CDMA – Code Division Multiple Access
HDMI – High Definition Multimedia Interface
LASER – Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
SONAR – Sound Navigation and Ranging
LCD – Liquid Crystal Display
LED – Light Emitting Diode
TRP – Television Rating Point
GPS – Global Positioning System
IMEI – International Mobile Equipment Identity

We use most of the above acronyms on daily basis, hence we should know the full form of the above abbreviations as these are the some commonly asked questions in Entrance and the Competitive exams. Let’s proceed further and find the most common acronyms used in Information Technology(IT) and Computers.
DVD – Digital Versatile Disk
USB – Universal Serial Bus
RAM – Random Access Memory
ROM – Read-Only Memory
GIF – Graphics Interchange Format
JPEG – Joint Photographics Expert Group
WWW – World Wide Web
VIRUS – Vital Information Resources Under Seize
SQL – Structured Query Language
URL – Uniform Resource Locator
PDF – Portable Document Format
HTML – HyperText Markup Language
HTTP – HyperText Transferred Protocol  
DNS – Domain Name System
CPU – Central Processing Unit
API – Application Programming Interface
APK – Android Application Package

After going through the most common Acronyms used in the IT and Computers let’s go ahead and find some most common abbreviations used in the Education System world Wide which are as follows
AICTE – All India Institute of Technical Education
AMIE – Associate Member of the Institution of Engineers
BA – Bachelor of Arts
BBA – Bachelor of Business Administration
BCA – Bachelor of Computer Application
B.Tech – Bachelor of Technology
B.Com – Bachelor of Commerce
B.Ed – Bachelor of Education
BE – Bachelor of Engineering
BHMS – Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery
BSC – Bachelor of Science
CV – Curriculum Vitae
GPA – Grade point average
HSC – Higher Secondary Certificate
ICSE – Indian Certificate of Secondary Education
CBSE– Central Board of Secondary Education
IAS – Indian Administration Service
IPS – Indian Police Service
PCS – Provincial Civil Service
LLB – Legum Baccalaureus in Latin (Bachelors of Law)
LLM – Legum Magister in Latin (Masters of Law)
MBA – Master of Business Administration
MCA – Master of Computer Application
MSC – Master of Science
NDA – National Defence Academy
NIIT – National Institute of Information Technology
PhD. – Doctor of Philosophy
PGDM – Post Graduate Diploma in Management
TGT – Trained Graduate Teacher

These all are some of the most common and frequent acronyms used in day to day life that one should remember and learn. It is good to use abbreviations but many do not know the complete form. Knowing the complete form of will give you an edge above others and smarter and at the same time make you prepared for the upcoming exams where these abbreviations are most frequently asked questions.

Some Important Full Forms:

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