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Prevention is Better Than Cure Essay

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Prevention is better than cure is a highly famous proverb that signifies the importance of taking precautionary steps before any danger arrives. Prevention simply means to avoid, and cure means to correct anything that can be detrimental or troublesome for you. Many of us do not believe in the power of prevention and wait until trouble knocks us at our door. However, problems or troubles can be averted or solved by prevention. 

Some people believe that only by thinking positively can they solve and prevent all their problems. Being positive is indeed important; however, it is best to take prevention if you feel a problem is about to arise. For example, if you are dealing with constant stomach problems and think it will go away just like that, you might be inviting a health problem. In this case, it is best to see a doctor get a thorough checkup done.  

Good and sound health is a valuable present for human life. We can build a big house for ourselves, earn lots of money, achieve all luxuries in life, but we cannot buy good health from anybody. Our luxurious comforts will give us nothing if we get some disease. The phrase “Prevention is better than cure” is one of the best advice given to us in life. People should spend their time on health education and preventive measures to stay healthy and happy. 

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These days, many people suffer from chronic diseases that are impossible to cure, and many of these diseases have expensive medication. People who suffer from these diseases get used to eating lots of hard medicines having side effects. To keep away from health ailments, it is best to take preventive measures. 

There have been many heart disease and cancer cases where the patient didn’t take their health seriously, and on further deterioration of their health, they came to know of the serious health disease they are suffering from. 

Even in the case of other health problems, early detection helps a lot in taking better preventive measures. One should not think that the disease will get cured because avoiding a visit to the doctor can aggravate the disease. 


Similarly, many people eat junk food regularly, thinking it won’t harm them, but later it starts giving them problems. Hence, we should eat a healthy diet from the start and exercise to stay happy and fit.  

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If people follow proper preventive measures, they can remain safe, healthy and happy. We have only one precious life to live, and we should not destroy it by inviting a host of problems and difficulties. Life can be happy and soothing if we lead a disciplined life. 

Even for students, following the phrase “Prevention is better than cure” is very important. As a student, you should study every day and not just before an exam. When you ignore learning in the early stage, you end up working tirelessly during your examinations. One shouldn’t gamble on success and study and finish their assignments on time so that the work doesn’t get piled up. Not studying on time can make you stressed, and that is why it is best to keep learning every day.  


We should also take preventive measures at the workplace to decrease our workload. Proper preventive methods also help in controlling the population. 

All in all, we can say that prevention is better than cure, and we should always be cautious in life.




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