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 List of Ideas & Topics for Essay Writing

Almost all of us have been involved in Essay Writing since we were kids. But ever wondered what does the word ‘Essay’ means? The word ‘Essay’ has been derived from the Latin word ‘exagium’ that essentially means “to present one’s case”.  Hence, essays are a piece of writing or way of portraying one’s thoughts, emotions, stories, experiences, or one’s side of the argument.

Historically, Essay Writing has been a tedious task for most of the students. While it forms an important part of the school and higher education, students often have a hard time penning down their thoughts into words.

However, a basic knowledge of diverse topics supplemented by dedication and passion for writing can go a long way in producing quality writing by the students. Therefore, it’s important to inculcate thought-provoking and diversified writing among the students.  

Essay Writing Topics in English

While Essay Writing is cumbersome in itself, coming up with essay topics in English is equally difficult. Students participating in essay writing competitions in schools, colleges, and universities often face difficulty in penning down their thoughts due to lack of research and knowledge about topics from diverse fields.

At SwifLearn, we understand such critical issues faced the students and have hence formulated a list of some good essay topics in English. With multiple topics from different categories such as technology, environment, national, international, education, sports, etc. students can now broaden their reach across various fields. Besides, essays from argumentative and persuasive categories help students get a different perspective of various social, cultural, and economical issues. This in turn allows them to portray their ideas freely and effectively.

The topics for Essay Writing have been carefully drafted by experienced educators at SwifLean and are highly beneficial for students of grades 3 to10. With long-form and short-form essays from diverse topics, students can now read and pick ideas to compose a high-quality essay during exams, events, or essay writing competitions.

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