English Grammar

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English Grammar is a name given to the set of basic axioms of the English language, accepted worldwide. These axioms include the rules of sentence formation, clauses, punctuation, verbs, adjectives, etc. In general, these axioms define how to read, write, and speak in English properly. So, we can say that English Grammar is the basic foundation for proficiency in both written as well as spoken English.

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Being such an important aspect of the English language, it becomes very essential for the students to have a strong understanding of English Grammar. So, to help the students to learn English Grammar, we have come up with the English Grammar for the students of Class 3 to 10. The English Grammar is prepared by our expert teachers at Swiflearn. To keep things precise, we have divided them into individual concepts such as nouns, pronouns, adjectives, conjunctions, verbs, etc.

English Grammar for all these parts of speech can be downloaded and saved offline as PDF files. Students can also print them out into hard copies (if required).


Class 4 English Grammar

Class 5 English Grammar

Class 6 English Grammar

Class 7 English Grammar

Class 8 English Grammar

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