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NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English Chapter 6 The Talkative Barber

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CBSE Class 5 Chapter 6 The Talkative Barber. NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English Chapter 6 by Swiflearn can prove to be a great help for the students to frame the answers of the textbook questions of the chapter in a better way.

Our experienced English Teachers, after hours of discussion and negotiation with each other, prepared these NCERT Solutions for the students of CBSE Class 5. While preparing these NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English The Talkative Barber, the latest CBSE syllabus and guidelines for Class 5 were kept in mind. Students can use these NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English Chapter 6 to prepare for their exams efficiently and stress-free.

Another good thing about these NCERT Solutions is that they are absolutely FREE to be downloaded as PDF files. Students can download offline copies of NCERT Solutions for Class 5 and use them whenever required. These NCERT Solutions can even be printed as hard copies (if required).

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The Talkative Barber


Let’s Read


  1. How many brothers did the Barber have?


Ans. The barber had six brothers.


  1. Why was the Sultan in a hurry?


Ans. Sultan was in a hurry because he was giving a feast to some friends at noon.


  1. Why did the Barber take so long to shave the Sultan?


Ans. The barber took so long to shave the Sultan because he was very talkative and wasted a lot of time narrating his stories.


  1. Write True or False.


(i) The Barber was shaving the Sultan’s beard.         False.


(ii) The Sultan gave him three gold coins.                  True.


(iii) The Barber refused to leave the Sultan’s palace.               True.


(iv) There were seven brothers altogether in the Sultan’s family.              False.


  1. Why did the Barber want a lot of food?


Ans. Barber wanted a lot of food because he had invited four or five friends to come to his house for a feast but he had forgotten to make any preparations for the same.


Let’s Talk


  1. Did the Sultan enjoy the Barber’s talk? Why do you say so?


Ans. No, the Sultan did not enjoy barber’s talk. He got so tired of his endless talk that he wanted to get rid of him.


  1. Which part of the story did you find the funniest?


Ans. The funniest part in the story was when Barber left the half-shaved head of the Sultan to examine each dish separately.


  1. What are the things the Sultan gave to the Barber?

Ans. The things that the Sultan gave to the barber are three pieces of gold, the food prepared for feast and some fruits for the dessert.


  1. Do you think the Sultan was really very generous? Why do you say so?


Ans. No, I don’t think the Sultan was really generous. He just gave all the food to the Barber because his head was half-shaved and he just wanted to get rid of him at the earliest.


Word Building


  1. Study the words in the first column and see the changes in them in the second column. The words in Column II are the opposites of the words in Column I.



                               I II
                       important unimportant
                         patient impatient
                       pleasure displeasure


Now write the opposites of the following using un-, im-, dis-.


(i) believe                                      disbelieve


(ii) shaved                                     unshaved


(iii) perfect                                     imperfect


(iv) satisfy                                     unsatisfied


(v) polite                                         impolite


(vi) respect                                   disrespect


(vii) pure                                         impure


(viii) expected                              unexpected


(ix) obedient                                 disobedient


  1. Fill in the blanks by adding, un-, im- or dis- to the words given in the box.


tidy     patient       kind      like

able      appear        possible


(i) The teacher got upset with Rani because her work was untidy.


(ii) The dog was unable to climb the tree to chase the cat.


(iii) I dislike hot milk, I like it cold.


(iv) It is impossible to cross the road during peak traffic hours.


(v) The magician waved his magic wand and made the rabbit disappear.


(vi) The passengers became impatient when the train was late again.


(vii) It is very unkind to make fun of another person’s weaknesses.


  1. Notice the highlighted words in the sentence given below.


You ordered me to come, so I will not quit your house till I have shaved you.


While he was shaving me, he could not stop talking.


Now use the joining words given in the box to fill in the blanks.


                 if, or, till, where, unless, so, while


(i) Please wait with me till the bus arrives.


(ii) Do you like football or cricket?


(iii) My father packed my lunch while my mother combed my hair.


(iv) We will reach on time if we go by the car.


(v) Your speech cannot be heard by the audience unless you use a powerful mike.


(vi) It was a beautiful day so they decided to go for a picnic.


(vii) We went to the zoo where we saw many animals.



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