NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English Chapter 9 He is My Brother


NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English Chapter 9 He is My Brother


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NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English Chapter 9 He is My Brother

‘He Is My Brother’ is a story about Meena who carries her brother on her back to visit a holy place nearby. She loves her brother dearly and carries him on her back as he cannot walk.



Unit 9, He is my brother


Reading is fun

  1. Where were the people going?

Ans. People were climbing a small hill to go to a holy place.


  1. What did the man say to Meena?


Ans. The man asked Meena why she was carrying a boy on her back. 


  1. Why do you think Meena was carrying her brother?


Ans. I think Meena was carrying her brother because he was not able to walk.


Talk time


Choose the correct answer.


  1. What went up the hill?


(a) a path, (b) a street, (c) a road, (d) a rail line


Ans. (a) a path


  1. What is the name of the girl in the story?


(a) Seema, (b) Beena, (c) Meena, (d) Nina


Ans. (c) Meena


  1. How old was Meena?


(a) Ten, (b) Twelve, (c) Nine, (d) Eight


Ans. (b) Twelve


  1. How old was Meena’s brother?


(a) Five, (b) Four, (c) Six, (d) Seven


Ans. (b) Four


Let’s write


Fill in the blanks using the correct given words


    rat     sip     box    rug     cot     den     pit


  1. The boy fell in the pit


  1. I sip hot milk.


  1. The kid is in the cot.


  1. My toy is in the box.


  1. The lion in the den


  1. The cat runs after the rat.


  1. I sit on the rug.



Fill in the blanks with the opposite of the underlined word given in the sentence.


  1. The rat ran in when the cat ran out.
  2. The lion is big but the ant is small.
  3. The giraffe has a long neck but owls are short.
  4. The sun appears in the day and the moon at night.
  5. The tea is hot but the water is cold.
  6. Trees are tall but the bushes are short.
  7. Ram was sad but Radha was happy.


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