NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English Chapter 3 Poem Little by Little

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NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English Chapter 3 Poem Little by Little


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NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English Chapter 3 Poem Little by Little

Little by Little is a poem which is about an apricot which grows little by little every day. The little apricot seed then grows into a huge Oak Tree.



Poem: Little by Little


Reading is fun


  1. Name the tree that the acorn grows into.


Ans. The acorn grows into an Oak tree.


  1. What things does a seed need to grow?


Ans. A seed needs soil, water, moisture and sunlight to grow. 


  1. How many describing words can you find in this poem?


Ans. The describing words in this poem are: little, mossy, deep, thread-like, tiny, slender, far, wide, and mighty.


Talk time


Look at the two pictures. Find four things that are different about these trees and talk about them. (Refer book for image)


Ans. 1. The tree in picture 1 is happy, whereas the tree in picture 2 is sad.


  1. The tree in picture 1 can give us medicines, fruits and vegetables, whereas the tree in picture 2 doesn’t have sufficient things to give. 


  1. The tree in picture 1 is standing tall to give us oxygen to breathe, whereas in picture 2, it’s wood is cut into pieces. 


  1. In picture 1, there is a bird’s nest, whereas in picture 2, the birds are not able to sit on the tree as the nest is destroyed. 


Let’s write


Look at Picture 1. Write three sentences on what the trees give us.


Ans. 1. Trees give us oxygen to breathe.


  1. Trees give us fruits and vegetables to eat.


  1. Trees give us herbs to make medicines to cure various diseases.


Now look at Picture 2.Write three sentences on how we harm the trees.


Ans. 1. We use the wood of the trees to make furniture, cook food, etc.

        2. We cut down trees to occupy the land to build houses and other buildings.

        3. Pollution is emitted from vehicles and industries which ultimately harm the trees. 


These words describe parts of a tree. Write them in the given space.


stem – it helps the tree to stand straight.


bark – it is a brown coloured outer covering of the tree.


leaves – leaves prepare food for the tree.


branch – leaves are grown on branches.


twigs – these are the smallest branches arising from the main stem or branches of the tree.


root – this is the underground part of the tree.


shoot – it refers to new growth of a plant.


Match the opposites. One has been done for you.


downward  upward
slowly fast
little big
slender fat
mighty weak
day night



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