NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English Chapter 10 Poem How Creatures Move

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NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English Chapter 10 Poem How Creatures Move

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English includes various units comprising prose and poems with exercise and activity-based questions, as per the NCERT Class 3 English Syllabus. Every question of the Class 3 NCERT English textbook has been covered extensively. Our subject matter experts have solved the unit questions in a simple manner, according to the latest CBSE syllabus. In this competitive age, it’s imperative for school students to always be ready to face challenges. Exams being one of those challenges in their lives. In order to excel in exams, students need to be extremely well-versed and have an in-depth understanding of all the textbook lessons. Here, we bring you the best-in-class Swiflearn’s NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English to help your child ace his/her exams with flying colors.

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NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English Chapter 10 Poem How Creatures Move

‘How Creatures Move’ which portrays how different living creatures have an enjoyable experience moving around.


Poem: How Creatures Move


Reading is fun



Underline all the action words in the poem.



The lion walks on padded paws,

The squirrel leaps from limb to limb,

While flies can crawl straight up a wall,

And seals can dive and swim.

The worm he wiggles all around,

The monkey swings by his tail,

And birds may hop upon the ground

Or spread their wings and sail.

But boys and girls

Have much more fun:

They leap and dance

And walk and run.


Talk time



  1. Why do boys and girls have the most fun?


Ans. Boys and girls have more fun because they can leap, dance, walk and run anywhere they want.


Let’s write


  1. Match the words in Column A with those in Column B.


Column A                         Column B


Lions                                   wiggle

Squirrels                              hop

Flies                                    swing

Seals                                    leap

Worms                                 walk

Monkeys                             crawl

Birds                                    dive




Column A             Column B
Lions      walk
Squirrels      leap
Flies   crawl
Seals       dive
Worms   wiggle
Monkeys   swing
Birds  hop


  1. Now make sentences of your own using the matching words.


Example — The seals dive into the icy water.


Ans. The lions walk fearlessly in the jungle.


The squirrels leap all over the tree.


The flies crawl on the walls and ceilings


The worms wiggle in the plant’s soil.


The monkeys swing from one tree to another tree.


The birds hop around the water bowl.


  1. Arrange these movement words from slow to fast.


       run        walk        hop       crawl


Ans. crawl, walk, hop, run.


  1. Underline the letters which are silent in the following words:


       walk straight more caught calm talk

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