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Which Are The Best Online Tuition Websites?

Online tuition websites
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The world of education has undergone massive changes in the last few decades. From books to the internet – there has been a major revamp as far as the field of education is concerned. And in today’s modern era, with digitalization slowly taking over, ‘online education’ has become the main talking point among the masses. This in turn has resulted in the birth of various online tuition websites for school students.

As of today, several online tuition websites are offering educational support to Indian students’ right from the comfort of their homes. However, the greatest online tutoring platforms are the ones that are designed to help students learn while keeping them engaged in subjects like English, Maths, and Science. These online tuitions are great for not only school students but also the ones in college or university.

To help our readers make a better choice, the blog discusses some of the best online tuition websites going around currently. Read further to know more.



Founded in 2005, Chegg is an American ed-tech company and one of the renowned online tuition websites. It has a three-step process for the students to get started. Firstly, the students are asked about the sort of guidance or help needed. Next, the students are matched with the tutors as and when they are available. Lastly, the students start learning in a live space via chat, audio, or video.

Parents are encouraged to message and personally talk to the tutors to decide the right one for their kids. This also ensures them to make a well-thought-out decision before making a final financial commitment. All Chegg tutors are required to have prior teaching experience in addition to a college or university degree.



Created by a team of experienced professionals, Skooli is a personalized, student-focused learning platform that is designed to meet the needs of the students in this digital age. What makes Skooli different is its pay-as-you-go pricing, where students are charged only for the guidance they seek or require. This makes the platform helpful for the students seeking help for things like a complicated Math problem or a difficult assignment, rather than an entire course.

The skooli allows students to select from a large group of qualified teachers by subject or grade level. Students can either attend live classes or schedule a session at their convenience. The platform also allows the students to review personalized feedback from the tutor.



As an ed-tech company, Wyzant offers in-person tutoring and online tutoring services to the students. To allow students to start learning, they need to go through four quick steps – answer some questions, choose an instructor, chat with them, and finally book sessions. The platform’s ‘Good Fit Guarantee’ feature offers students flexibility by giving them the first hour of class free in case they aren’t satisfied with the level of instruction.

Wyzant boasts of more than 80,000 instructors ready to help students with everyday academic problems. The platform also offers a great page of free resources including more than one million interactive lessons and videos created by well-qualified private tutors. Pricing varies according to the subject and tutor’s level of expertise.



eTutorWorld is one of the leading online tuition websites for K-12 Maths, Science, English along with test preparation. The education portal doesn’t like to think of its instructors as tutors, rather mentors. The platform’s ‘Learning By Design’ teaching method provides one-to-one learning to students according to their pace. This helps the mentors to design the lesson plans as per the student’s abilities and interests.

The online tutoring platform offers services that come up with a personalized work plan for each student, recorded sessions for review, and regular feedback to the parents. In case students are looking to brush up their basis before exams, the platform offers free, printable worksheets for reference.



Founded in 2019, SwifLearn is a continuously growing online tuition website and an e-learning platform that provides LIVE face-to-face online tuitions for CBSE & ICSE students of grades 3 to 10 in India. With the top 1% of teachers from the country, SwifLearn is focused on delivering quality education for children of new age parents. We offer best-in-class online tuition classes for English, Maths, and Science, and other important areas of learning like Mental Ability, Life Skills, and Olympiads

With founders and team members coming from top institutes in the country such as the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), our team is dedicated to providing a top-class home tuition experience for kids. Possessing more than 40 years of work experience and having secured top ranks in competitive exams such as JEE and various national and international Olympiads, SwifLearn is committed to bringing personalized learning to your child leveraging best-in-class methods.

At SwifLearn, we believe in the power of digital technology to help students get personalized learning and attention from India’s best-in-class tutors. We are focused on creating a top-class e-learning platform that brings together the best teachers, technology, media, content for creating a seamless and world-class experience for every student.


Some essential features of our classes include

1:6 Teaching Model: We believe every kid has his/her learning curve and hence needs personalized learning to succeed academically.

LIVE Classes: Similar to the offline classes, we teach students via LIVE online classes, but much better in terms of access to the best teachers.

Deep Engagement: Our teaching methodology makes sure that teachers and students engage deeply in every class via a two-way interaction.

Face-To-Face Interaction: Unlike most others, our platform enables face-to-face interaction between the child and teacher during classes.


Learning via online tuition websites

With online education receiving a massive boost, the need for online tuitions has grown significantly in recent times. The presence of popular online tuitions websites like SwifLearn and others mentioned above make sure that students can now learn and resolve their academic queries right from the comfort of their homes. And with the coronavirus pandemic forcing people to stay at home, this mode of teaching and learning is here to stay.

Looking to get your kid enrolled for online tuition? Sign up and book a free trial class at SwifLearn now!

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