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What is SATS and how to attempt the test?

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Swiflearn Academic Test Series is an initiative taken by Swiflearn to conduct regular national tests on a weekly and monthly basis to give an opportunity to all students to check their preparation levels, get national ranking on leaderboards and qualify for Scholarships.

For more details you can visit the SATS page


Where do I take the test from?


You can access the SATS details page from the following 2 buttons on the Homepage of the website.

  • SATS button on top navigation panel
  • SATS button on left navigation drawer


Once you click on these buttons, you’ll be redirected to the SATS details page 

You can attempt the SATS by clicking on the Orange button (Take SATS/Signup to attempt)

The flow will be a little different for the signed up and first time users.


For signed up or existing users:


You can view the SATS page by clicking on the SATS options from the more button as indicated in the screenshot below.


The test will be visible in the practice test section once you have logged in to the website.


Test will be visible in the practice test section on the left side panel.


For new or non signed up users:


On clicking the Signup to attempt SATS button, you’ll be redirected to the signup page where you can signup by filling out the required fields and verifying the mobile number through an OTP.



Some pointers: 

  • Make sure you have entered the correct details while signing up on the website
  • Even if something goes wrong, you can edit your details from the profile section by clicking on your name over the top right corner of the website.


Post test attempt:

The student can attempt the test during the allotted time window. Once the test has been attempted, you can view the results and answer key to the test from the done tab in the Practice test section.


You can also keep a track on the leaderboard and see how your rank moves as more candidates take the test over the period of time.



Track leaderboard by clicking on the leaderboard button from the done tab of the attempted test

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