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Top 7 Online Coding Games for Kids

Coding games for kids
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The early key to success for students is getting involved in coding at an early stage of education. Coding for kids will help them improve their mathematical and writing skills and at the same time give them the necessary valuable skills of life and in the workforce.
Coding is a method of communication with the computer for a specific program or providing specific instructions. Any to everything we do in a computer on any action performed is designed by the coding in a machine.
Since coding is so popular now and parents want to involve their kids in it and to help them various Online games will keep your kid glued and encourage them to do coding.
These games have basic to amateur & advanced levels that can help your kid to start from scratch and pick up the stages of advanced coding.

The most addictive and informational games that can help encourage coding among kids are

• Code Karts 
Code Karts is an online free game for Android & iOS. It introduces the concept of coding through 70 different levels and two different game modes. With a variety of concepts and tracks in the game, there will be no shortage of entertainment for the kids.
The objective of the game is to is using directional bricks to reach the finish line providing a stimulating coding environment.

• CodeSpark Academy
It is an award-winning game with over 20 million downloads in 20 different countries. The game is popular for teaching the fundamentals of coding through puzzles, games & projects to complete the task.
The curriculum of the game is developed by MIT, therefore, it’s very educational, and there is new content every month, and we are sure your kid will enjoy this game.                             

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                                                                                                                                                                             • Scratch Jr.
Scratch is a programming language used by millions worldwide, and Scratch Jr is a minor version of the Software for the age group of 5-7 years old. The novice version of the application allows kids to combine programming blocks to make the character move.
The application is also recommended by leading experts since it exposes kids to maths and language concepts & numeracy. The app is free to download for android, iOS & Kindle and you can be assured that it’s appropriate and enjoyable for your little one.

• Minecraft
It’s one of the paid applications that we strongly recommend for your kid to must-have if they want to excel in coding. This is one of the only games that are available for all the platforms including Linux OS, Play Stations, and Xbox. The graphics may look out-dated to we adults but for kids, it’s one adventurous game that they do not want to stop playing since they are learning a lot and the best part about the game is there are endless possibilities with placing objects and completing missions and goals. With over 100 million registered users worldwide the game inspires them to enhance their problem-solving skills and creativity at the same time.

• Tynker Coding Adventures
Tynker is one of those award-winning games including the Parent’s choice gold award for coding for kids. The game is free of cost for Android and iOS users and it’s one of the only games that can also be played offline without the internet and students can share their projects online with the Tynker community. The motto of the game is to provide puzzles using intuitive visual blocks to creates games and explore other STEM syllabi.

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• LittleCodr
This game is known for its uniqueness and simplicity. It’s a simpler card game for gross motor movements with fun. It’s engaging less screen time and its interactive graphical interface made this game popular amongst the top trending games. The game will help students to follow linear thinking, sequencing, prototyping, and coding.
Designed for even the youngest of the programmers LittleCodr should be on the list of must to have for every aspiring programmer.

• Bee-Bot
Another addictive game free for iOS designed for young children grows their programming skills by having 12 different levels which get harder with advanced levels. The game also helps kids with directional skills as bee-bot move forwards left-right and backward.

Here are the few free and the paid games that you can have on your devices that will help your young ones to understand the coding better and create a base for the coding and help them with fine-motor, gross motor and directional skills. If a child is taught to code in the free time it’ll not only help them learn rather make them great thinkers which will help in academics also.                                                                Good Luck!

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