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Top Tips For Maths Problem Solving

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Mathematics isn’t just a subject but a tool to make life easier. The importance of the subject makes it completely impossible to neglect it. Along with Science, Mathematics forms the foundation of the technologies for tomorrow. But while there are people who love Maths, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that most people hate studying it. Wondering why? It’s because most people are unaware of the important tips for maths problem solving

Mathematics is one of those subjects that you can easily spend hours studying but get no fruitful results. However much effort you may put if you can’t solve problems on the day of the exam, your efforts ultimately go in vain. And this problem-solving skill isn’t something that a person is born with but one that’s cultivated over time with constant practice.

While coaching and training do help students gain confidence in solving Maths problems, discussed below are few maths study tips to inculcate a problem-solving approach within students and motivate them to attain good results.


  • Practice, Practice & Practice

There goes a saying, “Practice makes a man perfect”. While the saying is relevant for almost all spheres of life, it is highly apt for Mathematics. It is impossible to become a Math expert just by reading and listening to lectures. In fact, Maths is probably one of the subjects where reading and listening hold lesser significance when compared to other subjects. Maths is all about practice.

One of the major tips to study Maths involves solving problems repeatedly. Mathematics consists of numerous chapters each of which contains a whole lot of problems. Each of these problems has its characteristics and it’s necessary to solve them in different ways before sitting for the exams. The more you practice solving Maths problems, the higher your chance of scoring well in the exams.


  • Reviewing Mistakes

The best way to learn something is by trying and committing mistakes. The same goes for Mathematics. When practicing Maths problems, you must take note of topics where you’re committing mistakes. Once you have an idea about these, it’s necessary that you work through the process of each solution.

Whenever you make a mistake, you should review it and try to understand where your problem-solving skills are letting you down. Understanding how you approached a problem and where you went wrong allows you to become stronger in the topic and helps in avoiding the same mistakes in the future.


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  • Mastering the Key Concepts

Mathematics is one subject that has the least need for memorizing stuff. So in case, you’re busy trying to memorize the process of a Math problem, you’re in the wrong direction. This is a highly counter-productive method.  Contrary to this, understanding the process and logic involved in solving a problem is much better and rewarding in the long run.  

Mathematics is a sequential subject where the concepts of one topic are required to be implemented in another. As a result, it’s important to have a firm understanding of the key concepts that underpin a mathematical topic before moving on to other more complex topics.


  • Getting Your Doubts Cleared

While solving Math problems, you may often get stuck at a particular juncture and find it difficult to proceed further. In such a scenario, it’s common for students to skip such questions and move on to the next. This negligence can be costly during exams.

Whenever you get stuck on a question, you should spend time trying to understand the intricacies of the problem. Rather than leaving the question mid-way, this technique will help in getting a better understanding of the problem statement and can be used as a stepping stone for the remainder of the question. Studying with a friend can also be beneficial in getting your doubts cleared instantly.


  • Designing a Mathematical Dictionary

This may sound a bit irrelevant in the first instance but maintaining a ‘mathematical dictionary’ is a vital study tip for acing your Maths examination. While Mathematics is mainly a subject of numbers, it also involves various terminologies, theorems, and statements. An understanding of these provides you an added benefit while attempting problems.

Creating notes or flashcards containing important concepts, terminology, definitions, and formulas can be a great source of reference when giving the last touches to your exam preparation. Besides, taking note of your mistakes and referring them regularly can help in a quick revision before your final exams.


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  • Applying Maths to Real-World Problems

Lastly, an important tip for solving Maths problems includes comparing the given problems to real-world scenarios. Mathematics and Science are two subjects that deal heavily with real-life phenomena. While both these subjects can sometimes be abstract, looking for a practical application can change your perspective and assimilate ideas differently.

Topics such as Profit & Loss, Simple & Compound Interest, Probability, and many others can be quite easily related to everyday life. Going to a bank, buying groceries, purchasing a lottery ticket – Mathematics makes its way in all spheres of life. Hence, studying Maths with the perspective of applying it for real-world problems will automatically make you an expert in the subject.


A Solution to the Real-World Problems

At first glance, Maths problem solving seems a complicated process. However, once you develop the right attitude and have a clear mindset, you’ll find it easy and interesting to solve any Math problem. The following tips for maths problem solving discussed above will not only aid you in solving Maths problems but will also enhance your love for the subject.

Math problems are not a problem but a solution to the real-world problem. We at SwifLearn truly understand this and are hence dedicated to solve all Maths queries of students and help them excel in their exams. By providing important study and problem-solving tips for Maths, we are focused on transforming students into future Mathematics wizards.


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