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Things To Do When Kids Say ‘I am Bored’

I am Bored
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“I am Bored” This is one statement that can give parents a nightmare. Parents try everything including buying them new toys, games or spending time with them at home watching their favourite tv shows, or conducting activities for them and after all the efforts kids say I am bored.

It is really important to understand that being bored in a kid is not that they have nothing to do or no new game to play. Boredom for a kid is the unspent energy that makes them uncomfortable and restless which they conclude as boredom and dullness.

It has been witnessed that when a kid does not wants to eat his meal or wants something of his choice he simply cry around and the parents offer them their mobile phones or play a video on youtube so that the mind of the kid is diverted and they don’t irritate around but parents need to understand that they are offering a slow poison to the unspent energy which is going to pay off in future. Have you ever witnessed grown-up kids who have tonnes of homework to do but sit back and chill doing chit-chatting with friends or watching funny videos and later messing up in their academics?

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This is the result of mobile phones and parents need to identify why their kid is bored or what makes them bored?

Every parent has to go the same phase some day or other and it will be a smart move to understand how “boredom” works for a kid. So the moment your kid says “I am Bored” don’t take it lightly as the inside energy of the body is messing with his mind and they confuse restlessness with boredom and how to do that? By asking frequent questions like :

  • Do you want to go out and play?
  • How about grabbing a cup of ice – cream?
  • Do you want to dance with me?
  • How about doing something creative today?

The reason for asking these frequent question will help parents understand the level of energy your kid has stored and what your kid is keen on that makes him restless.

How to Treat this Situation?

– If your child has abundant energy he will never say a No for going out and play but do not fall for it every time as they know “ I am Bored” is a strong excuse to neglect homework and study time tables which laters develop into frustrations rather make a time – table that is not too harsh on your kids and the abundant energy depletes with a good time table.

– A child follows your steps and learns from you. Don’t expect them to be god- gifted with creativity when your daily routine has no creativity and you come back to work to a cup of tea and daily news and have dinner and go to bed. Your child follows your footprint and until you spend some quality time with them doing something new and creative they will never develop an interest in a new activity.

– Don’t hesitate to ask questions? If you do not open your heart out to your kid he will find someone outside to talk out to which will create distances and your “kids will listen to you just to obey not to share” their feelings. Therefore talk to them about boredom explain to them that you have gone through the same things too and how you cope up with them. Only saying this will help your kid to understand he is not alone in this boredom trap and someone is their facing the same and they together can get rid of it easily and they will try to spend more time with you which will make your bond stronger for life.

– Make a Glass Jar with a hole to drop a piece of paper and ask your kid to drop some ideas when they feel bored. You may find some amazing reveals and answers that what your kid is interested in and make sure to treat them with their favourite supplies and toys around the “boredom jar” so that even if they are bored they will be excited to grab their favourite snack while creating their interesting ideas.

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– “Listen” – Kids sometimes say I am bored instinctively to grab their parent’s attention just to fulfil their wishes. Try to understand what they are conveying and shower them with your love and affection and explain to them it’s awful to be bored and rather than thinking about fixing the problem listen effectively and deviate their mind by telling your daily routine or cracking a joke. Make a habit of reading a few pages of a book for them before they go to bed as this may help them with sound sleep and they wake up excited the next day rather than leaving alone with toys for another dull day.

Try and try and for sure you will win over the boredom of your child with new activities but do not hand over your mobile phone to them as said above it’s a slow poison that converts boredom and restlessness to laziness and carelessness.

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