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SwifLearn Dreamer Contest – An Idea for Humanity

Swiflearn Dreamer Contest
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As humans, our capacity to learn and invent has helped us shape the world the way we know it today. However, there are still several challenges we face in relation to our physical well-being, social harmony, and economic security.

As a result, we must continue to improve ourselves by devising some innovative methodologies which can help us better understand and implement solutions to these tough problems and in turn assist humanity. 

At SwifLearn, we are forever focussed on encouraging innovation and experimentation skills among the students. It is in this regard that we are excited to announce the launch of another inter-batch competition for the students – the SwifLearn Dreamer Contest.

Does this sound exciting? If yes, here’s everything you need to know about the contest.


What is the SwifLearn Dreamer Contest?

A one of its kind competition, the SwifLearn Dreamer Contest is an inter-batch event where the students will get a chance to brainstorm ideas with their batchmates and turn them into a reality. 

The contest encourages the students to put forth an intriguing idea or innovation for the future, that’s not possible presently but can play a vital role for humanity in the days to come.  


What Should the Discussion Include?

Each batch can present a scientific idea or innovation of their liking in form of a short video or presentation. The group video or presentation should essentially discuss the following questions.

  1. What is the idea?
  2. Why is it beneficial for the future?
  3. Why it hasn’t been implemented yet? 

The students are encouraged to collaborate, research, discuss, and give shape to their ideas by being a part of the SwifLearn Student Community on Discord.

How to Submit the Entries?
The students can submit their entries by filling in the details in the Google form attached below.

Contest Deadlines & Rewards

  • The SwifLearn Dreamer Contest commences from June 7, 2021. 
  • The last date for the submission of the entries is June 16, 2021. 

Update: June 16

With the contest witnessing tremendous interest from the student’s side, we have decided to give some more time for everyone to come up with a set of new amazing ideas. As a result, the deadline for the SwifLearn Dreamer Contest has now been extended until June 21, 2021. Get your thinking caps on and keep rolling out ideas that can potentially benefit humanity.

Each member of the winning team will get a chance to don a cool SwifLearn’er T-shirt.


After receiving a number of great ideas from the students, the results of the SwifLearn Dreamer Contest are finally out. While there were some awesome scientific ideas on display, the following groups have been adjudged as the winners of the contest.

1st – Octa Alpha Science – 30 : Vacation in Space (Collectively submitted by – Dhanvi Sharma, Debasmita Raj, Anwiti Richa, Simon Routela and Wreynium Rai)

2nd – Hexa Alpha Spoken Engish 26A –  An alerting system for the bus driver  (Submitted by –  Simarjeet Singh Maan )

3rd – Magnum-13A  – THE POWERPUFF GIRLS – Self Knowledge (Collectively submitted by – Ishani Dutta, Nirvikaa.M, Samruddhi Anadoor and Nandana )

Congratulations to the winning teams and kudos to everyone for participating and making the contest a success.

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