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Reviews & Testimonies: What Parents & Students Say About SwifLearn?

Swiflearn Reviews
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Founded in 2019, SwifLearn is a continuously growing e-learning platform that provides LIVE face-to-face online tuitions for CBSE & ICSE students of grades 3 to 10. With the top 1% teachers from the country, our team is focused on delivering quality education for children of new age parents. We offer best-in-class online tuition classes for English, Maths, and Science, and other important areas of learning like Mental Ability, Life Skills, Vedic Maths, and Olympiad Preparation.

Getting students enrolled for courses, higher sign-ups, quality learning, engaging content, etc. is important. However, all of it is in vain if your customers don’t have positive feedback and outlook about you. At SwifLearn, we immensely value our customers i.e. the parents and the students. They’re the heart and soul of SwifLearn and we work together as a team to make learning easier and interactive for kids.

Read further to know what do the students and their parents think of SwifLearn.  

Why Parents Love SwifLearn?

With our founders and team members coming from top institutes in the country such as IIT Bombay, SwifLearn is dedicated to provide a top-class home tuition experience for kids. At SwifLearn, we are committed to bring personalized learning to your child leveraging best-in-class methods.

Comprising a team of dedicated teachers and educators, we at SwifLearn are making every possible effort to impart the best learning experience to the kids. And during this journey, it’s the support and feedback from the parents and students which acts as a motivating factor to help the SwifLearn Team keep striving.  

We are fortunate to have parents who think highly of us. It’s pleasing to hear how SwifLearn is playing a crucial role in solving academic issues of the kids and helping them improve as an individual.

Parent Reviews About SwfLearn

“SwifLearn provides a 5-point advantage to my son and solves the problem of commute. Flexibility in class timings and competitive pricing makes SwifLearn stand out.” – Shruthi, Mother of Tanay, Hyderabad

“At SwifLearn, teachers are cooperative and patient enough to support student’s learning. The classes are scheduled regularly and the doubt sessions are really helpful. My son loves attending these classes.” – Varsha, Mother of Arush, Mumbai

“I opted for SwifLearn because it solves the problem of commute for my daughter. She also likes the teaching pattern & her doubts are cleared regularly. I would like to recommend SwifLearn to all my friends.” – Pallavi, Mother of Pratishta, Jabalpur


SwifLearn Online Parent-Teacher Meeting

Today most of the ed-tech platforms are focused on providing quality learning to the students. At SwifLearn we go a step further. Our team of dedicated educators makes efforts to enrich every kid’s learning ability while also helping the parents to unearth the true potential of their kids. This has been made possible through SwifLearn’s Online Parent-Teacher Meeting.

The Online Parent-Teacher Meeting conducted by SwifLearn is one of its kind initiative which allows the parents to have a one-on-one conversation with the tutors. This enables the parents to get direct feedback about their kid’s performance in the class. Various positive reviews and feedback from the parents are a testimony to the success of the unique initiative by SwifLearn.

The Online Parent-Teacher Meeting has been highly appreciated by the parents and students at SwifLearn. Parents have found the initiative to be a great platform for direct communication with the teachers. Besides, they are happy and excited to be a part of such a unique learning experience for their kids.


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Here are a few videos from SwifLearn’s recently conducted Online Parent-Teacher Meeting. Watch and hear what our parents have got to say about us.


“Our Child’s performance in his School has really improved” Said by a Parent in Swiflearn’s Parent-Teacher meet.

“We love the way of teaching!! Moreover, our kid has gained a lot of interest in the Mathematics subject after being taught at Swiflearn.” Said by a Parent in Swiflearn’s Parent-Teacher meet.




“Our Kids are Very Happy for the Class & they keep looking for it every day” Said by a Parent in Swiflearn’s Parent-Teacher meet.



“We have never heard of a Parent-Teacher Meeting in Online Tuition” Said by a Parent in Swiflearn’s Parent-Teacher meet.

Transforming Online Education 

Positive reviews and feedbacks, such as these, go a long way in encouraging the entire team at SwifLearn to put their best foot forward. It makes us believe that we are involved in something that is making a significant impact. 

We sincerely hope that the unwavering support and trust of our students and parents keep shining on us and help us transform the face of online education in the country. 

Happy Learning!

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