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Online Tuition For Spoken English

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SwifLearn Face-To-Face Live Online Tuition For Spoken English


In today’s modern world, the need for learning English has grown massively. As a universal language, it’s essential that your child has a stronghold in English for better career opportunities. Contrary to general belief, practicing speaking English is one of the most exciting and rewarding points of learning English. For most Indian students, speaking English is often a tedious task. However, with proper guidance, speaking English can be great fun. And as one moves along, they’ll come across loads of ways to enhance their spoken English.

Owing to this ever-growing importance, home and online tuition for spoken English has witnessed significant growth lately. As a language that doesn’t come naturally to Indians, teaching spoken English to kids requires a higher level of effort and guidance. And with the scarcity of qualified English professionals, this becomes a hard nut to crack.

However, with the advent of digital technology, learning speaking English isn’t a big challenge anymore. The presence of various online platforms has made it easier for students to improve their spoken English. Access to the best teachers and tutors via live online spoken English tuitions is a massive boon of digitalization.

We at SwifLearn honestly understand the necessity of learning and improving spoken English. As a result, we are focused on improving the English speaking skills of our students via live online spoken English tuitions.


Through SwifLearn’s unique scientific assessments for student’s learning, there’s always a right English tutor for each student

At SwifLearn, we offer well-structured and dedicated online tuition classes for spoken English to school students. Our curriculum, course modules, and tests are designed in a manner so as to cater to the needs and requirements of all sections of students. With online spoken English tuition from SwifLearn, you get a handful of benefits at your disposal.

  • An opportunity to improve spoken English from top 1% English tutors in India
  • Highly economical when compared to any other home tuition or private tuition for spoken English
  • Online spoken English tuition covers live classes that can be revisited later for better understanding
  • Detailed explanation and feedback along with highly engrossing learning assessments and exercises
  • A maximum of 5 students in each batch ensures proper personal attention to each student
  • Standard curriculum, as followed by CBSE, ICSE & State Boards



SwifLearn is the go-to solution for your child’s English speaking problems. Our live online spoken English tuition helps students improve their speaking skills, thereby developing a sense of self-confidence within them. We provide online spoken English tuitions from grades 3 to 10 that’s in line with the curriculum of both CBSE and ICSE board, where the entire focus is on enhancing the speaking skills and vocabulary of students through face-to-face learning.

To provide you a better insight, some essential features of our online English tuition classes are listed below.

  1.     A maximum of 5 students in each batch ensures that each child gets appropriate and focused attention from teachers. Moreover, a small batch encourages class participation.                 
  2.     Personalized assessment tests linked with online spoken English tuition classes make it possible for you to track your child’s progress.



  1.     With no recorded sessions, we offer LIVE spoken English classes similar to the regular offline tuition classes, but only much better in terms of access to top-quality teachers from the comfort of your homes.
  2.     Engaging and fun-filled activities during online classes to inculcate a competitive nature among the students.
  3.     Conceptual videos for the child to grasp concept-level understanding later during the revision of topics.



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