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Online Tuition for Science

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Swiflearn Face-to-Face Live Online Tuition for Science


Seeking help in Science subjects, the demand for Online Tuition for Science has seen significant growth. Science has always been a subject that requires more attention and conceptual clarity. Finding the right Science tutor is not that easy. However, using digital technology, anyone can learn from the top Science teachers or Science tutors anywhere or anytime with the help of Science Online Tuition. Swiflearn has emerged as a prime podium of Science Online Tuition for a lot of Students in considering its merits.

Through our scientific assessments for each student’s unique learning, Swiflearn provides the right Science tutor for the student.

  • Chance to learn from the top tutors in India be it any area.
  • Compared to any other home tuition or batch tuition, it’s very economical.
  • Online Tuition covers Live Classes that can be revisited in recordings later, detailed topic-level feedback & Learning Assessments.
  • Personal Attention as there are just 5 students in each Class that ensures better focus.
  • The standard Curriculum is followed in CBSE & ICSE Boards.


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Science Online Tuition for Class 3 to 10


Swiflearn provides Science online tuition for Classes 5 to 10, both CBSE and ICSE boards. Our approach to online tuition is very different from others, where we focus on conceptual clarity of students through face-to-face teaching which helps your child excel in their exams as well:


i) We take a maximum of 5 students in each batch – ensuring that your child gets the focused attention of our teachers they deserve, and any student can ask doubts during the class itself.


ii) Personalized assessment tests linked with tuition classes make it possible for you to track your child’s progress in different topics of all subjects covered in the syllabus.


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iii) No recorded classes; our classes are LIVE classes like regular offline tuition classes, but only much better in terms of access to best quality teachers from the comfort of your homes.


iv) Engaging quizzes during the classes to keep each student engaged.


v) Conceptual videos for your child to grasp concept-level understanding later when they want to revise the topics.



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