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Online Tuition For Mental Ability

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SwifLearn Face-To-Face Live Online Tuition For Mental Ability


As a subject, general mental ability is one of the most important sections in almost all competitive exams. It is also one of the major determining factors for job performances as one gets into the industry. Mental ability involves questions that test the level at which we learn things, understand a given set of instructions, and solve problems. It includes a combination of verbal concepts, vocabulary, arithmetic, and spatial reasoning.

Owing to its role in the overall development of a student, mental ability guidance has become a must for today’s school students. And with the boom in the digital sector, learning mental ability concepts has become relatively easier. The availability of qualified tutors and online mental ability classes from the comfort of your homes has made learning mental ability concepts simpler than ever.

Keeping this in mind, we at SwifLearn are dedicated to making our students gain expertise in mental ability concepts via our live online mental ability tuitions. We understand the immense importance of mental ability as a subject and are making positive strides to impart apt knowledge to the students.


Through SwifLearn’s unique scientific assessments for student’s learning, there’s always a right tutor for each student

Though it’s an important subject in itself, somehow mental ability concepts don’t find a place in most school’s curriculum. At SwifLearn, we understand its significance and hence offer dedicated online mental ability classes for school students. Our curriculum, course modules, and tests are designed in a manner so as to cater to the needs and requirements of students of all grades. With online mental ability tuition from SwifLearn, you get a handful of benefits at your disposal.

  •       An opportunity to learn from some of the best tutors for mental ability in India
  •       Highly economical when compared to any other home tuition or batch tuition for mental ability courses
  •       Online mental ability tuition covers live classes that can be revisited later for a better understanding of concepts
  •       Detailed topic-wise lectures and feedback along with highly engrossing learning assessments
  •       A maximum of 5 students in each batch ensures proper personal attention to each student
  •       Focus on standard mental ability problems necessary to make students ready for the competitive environment



SwifLearn is the go-to platform to help your child attain expertise in mental ability topics. Our live online mental ability tuition helps in a better understanding of the concepts and rules of various mental ability topics, thereby helping students to be ready for the competitive environment that exists. We provide online mental ability classes for students of grades 3 to 10 where the entire focus is on conceptual clarity of students through face-to-face learning.

To present a better insight, some essential features of our online mental ability classes are listed below.

  1. A maximum of 5 students in each batch ensures that each child gets appropriate and focused attention from teachers. Moreover, a small batch encourages students to clear doubts in the class itself.            
  2. Personalized assessment tests along with live online tuitions make it possible for you to track your child’s progress in different topics of mental ability covered in the class.



  1. We offer LIVE mental ability online classes similar to the regular offline tuition classes, but only much better in terms of access to top-quality teachers from the comfort of your homes.
  2. Engaging quizzes during online classes to inculcate a competitive nature among the students and speed up their problem-solving ability.
  3. Conceptual videos for the students to grasp concept-level understanding later during the revision of topics.


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