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Online Tuition For Life Skills

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SwifLearn Face-To-Face Live Online Tuition For Life Skills


In today’s ever-so competitive environment the focus on student’s academics is so high that other life aspects often take a backseat. From extra-curricular activities to personal growth, everything seems to get easily suppressed by the excessive academic burden on the students. This often leads to a society of well-educated and qualified individuals but ones not strong enough to face and fight life challenges. And that’s the moment when you, as a parent, realize the significance of imbibing “life skills” in your kids.

Life skills is a term used to describe a basic set of values acquired through life experience or learning. Life skills essentially include critical thinking, logical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making abilities in addition to social and personal responsibility. These are the skills vital for creating a healthy society and helping individuals to tackle daily life challenges and problems effectively.

With the rise of digitalization lately, online education has received a massive boost. The presence of various online learning platforms has made it easier for students to acquire life skills from top tutors via online life skills classes. At SwifLearn, we don’t just care about academics but much more. And as a result, we are focused on imbibing vital skills among students through our live online life skills tuitions.       


Through SwifLearn’s unique scientific assessments for student’s learning, there’s always a right tutor for each student

At SwifLearn, we truly understand the significance of acquiring life skills among young kids. Keeping this in mind, our team offers dedicated online life skills classes for school students of grades 3 to 10. Our curriculum, course modules, and tests are designed in a manner so as to cater to the needs and requirements of all sections of students. With online life skills classes from SwifLearn, you get a handful of benefits at your disposal.

  •       An opportunity to interact and learn life skills from some of the best mentors and guides in India
  •       Highly economical and effective when compared to any other home tuition or batch tuition for like skills; in case there exists one
  •       Online life skills classes cover live classes that can be revisited later for a better understanding of each topic
  •       Detailed topic-wise lectures and feedback along with highly exciting learning assessments
  •       A maximum of 5 students in each batch ensures each student develops a unique life skill
  •       Focus on making students aware of the importance of life skills and honing their reasoning and problem-solving ability



With only a handful of online platforms offering online life skills classes, SwifLearn is undoubtedly the go-to platform to help your child attain life skills at an early age. Our live online life skills tuitions are conducted by top guides and mentors which helps the students to add on essential skills besides having strong academics. This prepares the students to become responsible citizens and work towards the betterment of society. We provide online life skills classes for students of grades 3 to 10 where the entire focus is on imbibing essential skills among the students through face-to-face learning.

To present a better insight, some essential features of our online life skills classes are listed below.

  1. A maximum of 5 students in each batch ensures that each child gets appropriate and focused attention from teachers. Moreover, a small batch encourages students to clear doubts in the class itself and promotes class participation.            
  2. Personalized assessment tests along with live online tuitions make it possible for you to track your child’s progress in different life skills areas discussed in the class.



  1. We offer LIVE online life skills classes to our students with access to top-quality mentors, guides, and tutors right from the comfort of your homes.
  2. Engaging quizzes during online classes to inculcate a competitive nature among the students and improve their reasoning and critical thinking.
  3. Conceptual videos for the students to grasp concept-level understanding later during the revision of topics.



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