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Online Tuition in Kolkata

Online Tuition in Kolkata - Swiflearn
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SwifLearn Face-To-Face LIVE Online Tuition In Kolkata


Also known as the ‘City of Joy’, Kolkata has been a major center of modern Indian education, culture, science, and economy. The city has been the birthplace of various notable scholars who have gone on to make the country proud in their respective fields. Owing to this, Kolkata is home to some of the most premier educational institutions in the country.


However, due to the rising population, most of the schools in Kolkata suffer from a poor teacher-to-student ratio – the effect of which is evident on the student’s results as well as personal development. As a result of this, the need for private home tuition in Kolkata has become a compulsion.


While Kolkata does have various home and private tuitions for the students, finding the one that’s best, affordable, and result-oriented is the real deal. It is common hurdles such as these that prevent a student from achieving his/her dream. We at SwifLearn truly realize this and are dedicated to offering the students an affordable and rewarding experience through our online home tuitions in Kolkata. Our team provides LIVE face-to-face online tuition for the students of Kolkata and helps them connect with the most experienced and trained tutors.


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Education Scenario In Kolkata

As a major educational hub, Kolkata boasts of some of the oldest and finest schools and colleges in the country. Kolkata has a rich tradition of schooling where most of the schools are run by state governments or private organizations. While English and Bengali are the primary languages of instruction, Hind and Urdu are also used in some parts of Kolkata. The schools in Kolkata usually follow a ‘10+2+3’ plan with the majority of them affiliated to CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, or West Bengal State Board.

Some of the prominent schools in Kolkata include – La Martiniere Calcutta, Calcutta Boys’ School, St. James’ School, St. Xavier’s Collegiate School, St. Thomas High School, St. Joseph’s College, Loreto House, and others. The presence of such an elite school leads to higher competition at the school level. This makes students’ look for private home tuition in Kolkata to supplement their school education. However, the lack of availability of qualified tutors along with high tuition fees and travel time makes things a lot difficult for the students’.


Through SwifLearn’s unique scientific assessments for student’s learning, there’s always a right tutor for each student

At SwifLearn, we offer well-structured online home tuition for school students in Kolkata. Our curriculum, course modules, and tests are designed in a manner to cater to the needs and requirements of all sections of students. Besides, our teachers follow a flexible schedule which allows students to learn according to their convenience and pace.

With LIVE online tuition classes from SwifLearn, you get a handful of benefits at your disposal.


  • An opportunity to learn from the best tutors in and around Kolkata
  • Highly economical & time-saving when compared to any home tuition or batch tuition in Kolkata      
  • LIVE online classes that can be revisited later for better understanding·        
  • Detailed topic-wise feedback along with highly engrossing quizzes        
  • Standard curriculum, as followed by CBSE, ICSE, and state boards


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SwifLearn Class Highlights     

SwifLearn is the go-to solution for every student’s academic issues. Our LIVE online tuition helps in a better understanding of the concepts and rules of various subjects, thereby helping students to excel in their exams. We provide online English, Math, and Science tuition for students of grades 3 to 10 in Kolkata, where the entire focus is on conceptual clarity of students through face-to-face learning.

To provide you a better insight, some essential features of our online tuition classes are listed below.

  1. A maximum of 5 students in each batch ensures that each child gets appropriate and focused attention from teachers. Moreover, a small batch encourages students to clear doubts in the class itself.                 
  2. Personalized assessment tests linked with online tuition classes make it possible for you to track your child’s progress in different topics of English, Math, and Science covered in the class. 
  3. We offer LIVE classes similar to the regular offline tuition classes, but only much better in terms of access to top-quality teachers from the comfort of your homes.
  4. Engaging quizzes during online classes to inculcate a competitive nature among the students.
  5. Conceptual videos for the child to grasp concept-level understanding later during the revision of topics.



Why SwifLearn For Online Tuition In Kolkata?

Owing to the shortage and unavailability of qualified teachers and experts, several students are devoid of quality education in the country. However, with the technological advancements in the field of education, educational platforms like SwifLearn are helping students by providing them online tuitions right from the comfort of their homes.

At SwifLearn, we constantly strive to distinguish ourselves from other similar online platforms. Few reasons which make us stand apart are;

  • Face-to-face LIVE online tuition: Small batch size of maximum 5 students ensures two-way communication and better learning.      
  • Unlimited practice tests: Scientifically designed tests to track granular level learning outcomes of each student.        
  • Right batchmates: Students of the same grade and same board having similar learning needs to ensure maximum class engagement. 
  • Convenient and safe: No more travel worries and time wastage. With easy access to class recordings, watch lectures at your convenience.       
  • Instant doubt solving: Availability of expert teachers and certified subject matter experts for better guidance and instant doubt clarifications.


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