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Online Tuition for Class 7

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Swiflearn Face-to-Face Live Online Tuition for Class 7

Swiflearn makes sure that you Score higher with Swiflearn Face-to-Face LIVE Online Tuition for Class 7

  • 100% Face-to-Face Live Online Tuition for Class 7
  • Instant Doubt Solving with certified Tutors
  • Best Teachers for Class 7 in India


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Class Highlights

Face-to-Face Live Online Tuition

A teacher is always there to ensure 2-Way communication & better learning for Class 7

Instant Doubt Solving

Expert guidance helps Class 7 students learn faster

Online Tuitions from Subject Experts

Expert faculty & Certified Subject Matter Experts

Very Small Batch Size

Maximum 5 Students in One Batch to ensure More Personalised Attention than Regular Tuition Classes

Personalised for Everyone

No two Class 7 batches have the same coursework

Online Tuition For Class 7

Class 7 is the base of foundation which will open the door to many possibilities and opportunities as students move on to higher classes. It is very important that the basic principles and concepts of maths & science are mastered in the lower grades. Students who are weak in these subjects often get further left behind in the competitive nature of a classroom which also has its time constraints. What students need is a more intimate kind of guidance, something that is one-on-one and where the study material is designed to suit their strengths and weaknesses. With Swiflearn, a top class 7 online tuition is available with just a few clicks.


Why Swiflearn for Class 7 Tuition?

  • Face-to-Face & Live Online Tuition: Small batch sizes of up to 5 ensure high engagement 


  • Unlimited practice tests: Scientifically designed to track granular learning level outcomes of each student


  • Right batchmates: Students of the same grade, board and learning needs ensuring maximum class engagement 


  • Convenient and Safe: No more travel worries and time waste. All classes are recorded for future reference


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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Swiflearn curriculum/methodology for Class 7 Online Tuition different from school/tuition?


Swiflearn’s curriculum for Class 7 Tuition is designed by subject matter experts with 15+ years of experience in teaching and expertise in competitive exams. The advanced curriculum entails a customised learning plan for each Class 7 student, supervised by a program manager to track improvement areas for an uninterrupted learning experience. A Face-to-Face live Online Tuition session with a teacher helps students clear doubts instantly. With Swiflearn’s advanced curriculum, Class 7 students stay ahead of their class. Our methodology is aimed at nurturing creative thinkers and problem-solvers of tomorrow by helping them develop thinking.

How would Swiflearn Solve Doubts for Class 7 Online Tuition?


Every session that our subject matter experts take is tailor-made to serve the needs of our students. Each class 7 student is assigned an academic mentor to keep track of their progress and understand their improvement areas to give them an uninterrupted experience.


How will Swiflearn cover the curriculum of different boards in Class 7 Tuition?


Our curriculum has been carefully designed by incorporating the main aspects of all education boards – CBSE, ICSE & State Boards for Class 7. The curriculum is, therefore, very detailed and exhaustive. We have Subject Matter Content Designed with a deep insight into how young minds can learn effectively.


Maths Tuition for Class 7

Science Tuition for Class 7

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