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Introducing Battle of the Swiflearn’ers – gamified learning

Battle of Swiflearners

What is the 1 key difference between studying and playing games, which leads to children running towards one and away from the other?

Is it the freedom of choice inherent to games? Or the lack of pressure? Or perhaps their social nature?

While the above points are certainly relevant, we believe it ultimately boils down to the joy of discovery!

Education, very often, gets handed down to children in the form of crystallized knowledge structured neatly – something that even a computer could also logically understand. But with games, the children assume greater control, taking matters into their own hands, learning by doing, and in the process getting the infectious and most satisfying joy of discovery!

We, at Swiflearn, are constantly exploring ways to hack this gaming philosophy and bring the cherished joy of discovery in our classrooms. And our latest step in this direction is the “Battle of the Swiflearn’ers!” 

The battleground is the open classrooms hosted on our YouTube live where students get to explore a topic (or combinations thereof) with a series of exciting questions which they can answer in the fastest finger first format. Each question is followed by a brief discussion where the teacher deconstructs the underlying concepts used in the question. And then moves to the next question which often builds upon the previous question. The battle is like a maze that children navigate through with multiple engagement points where they compete with other students, all the while going deeper into their understanding of the topic!

The battleground includes interesting, fun-filled questions from the core subjects of English, Maths, and Science. However, to broaden our students’ learning horizon, we have introduced questions from a new offering under the Money Smart Course. Enter the Swiflearn battleground to be a part of an enthralling learning experience while building on smart money habits. Help your kid learn things that are missing from the school curriculum – all of this through games and fun activities.

Does that sound like fun to you?

Join us in the next battle of Swiflearn’ers and experience this joy of discovery firsthand!

Schedule of Upcoming Battles

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