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How To Improve Your Kid’s Spelling

Learning Spelling
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Kids are not naturally good spellers and various spellings and phrases are tricky for the kid to learn and memorize. To teach them how to spell correctly you need to spend time with them while they are studying as every child is different and every child may encounter a different kind of difficulties while learning spellings.

Some common Spelling mistakes that a child does while learning spellings are :
– Using the Wrong Consonant ( Spelling Car as Kar)
– Using the Wrong Vowel (Spelling Seat as Seet)
– Leaving out Consonants ( Spelling licking as liking)
– Leaving Vowels Out (Spelling plain as plan)
– Writing only one consonant in case of double ( Spelling School as Schol)
– Leaving an E that is not required ( spelling making as makeing)
– Reversing the Letters like (spelling Orange as Oraneg)
– Missing the Silent ‘e’ (Spelling Bite as Bit)
– Confusing es instead of ies ( Spelling Carries as Carrys)
– Spelling Words Phonetically ( Spelling exchange as ekschanj)
– Interchanging s with c and c with s (Spelling present as precent or precious as presious)
These are some common habits experienced while a child starts learning spellings however there are various methods through which you can improve the spelling of your child. After thorough research, the experts have concluded methods that can improve your child’s spelling skills drastically are

• Teach to Learn Phonetically
When first learning to spell allow your child to spell out loud as they hear them. Teach them to write the letters that represent the sounds that they make and to make learning interesting you can provide them with magnetic letters, Playdough, or sticks to create a letter. Your child will learn more effectively and easily when there are colorful doughs and magnetic letters involved. Help them to create and explain the requirement of words for example Your child may spell “bracelet” as “braslet” help them and explain to them which letter can be replaced to make the word correct.

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Let them rewrite the word correctly and show them the changes so that they can compare.
• Use “Stair-Steps” to memorize words
This is more like a game for your child to ease the spellings with fun and help them remember the spellings for a long time. To encourage your child, you can reward them so that they can try for more and harder words. The Stair-steps methodology example is as follows
You can segregate difficult words with stair steps to help your child memorize them.

• Download Great Interactive Spelling Games
Mobiles or Tablets, One of your child’s favourite friends can help your child learn spellings easily as there are various spelling learning applications like Word Legend Puzzle, Didax Chunks, Words of Wonders, and many more exciting games that will not only help your kid learn but the games have various advanced levels which will help them to enhance with difficult spellings.

• Teach your kid to use Repetition and Edit their Work
Encourage your kid to review their work and ask them to re-write the word which has a mistake at least 10 times
This habit once developed the child will always re-read their work and can notice spelling errors easily and also a child can ingrain the spellings.

• Initiating Multi-Modal Teaching
You can initiate multi-modal teaching which allows students and kids to learn faster through a variety of modes like seeing, feeling, hearing & creating which will also help the students to identify which mode your kid can go with to remember spellings for a longer period. There are many multi-media strategies like taking help from Youtube or there are spellings apps that can be installed which gives information with play-time also.

• Teach Your Kid to Use an Online Dictionary
Sometimes your kid knows the exact word but does not know how to write. For eg They want to write “Special” rather they write specshil and this is where the Online dictionary can help you to give the exact suggestion. If they write the word wrong and are still close to the correct spelling the online dictionary will prompt “ Did you mean “Special” and it will help them use the exact word they were looking for.

Trying the following steps you can help your kid with the spelling and also will develop their confidence in increasing their command over vocabulary. Good spelling skills along with strong vocabulary will help your kid be a good writer and speaker
Good Luck.

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