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The Maths Monster: How Gamification Can Soothe Maths Anxiety

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Mathematics – The most feared subject in many many students. Before we proceed how we can get rid of this monstrous subject fears it is important to know the exact reason why the subject is considered to be monstrous and to understand a University from New- York has conducted research and concluded that let’s accept that there is a fault in our education system that mathematics in schools is taught in a stressful and high-pressure atmosphere which leads to math anxiety and inhibits maths performance.

The peer pressure developed at an early stage and the competitions make a student feel maths as dull as compared to other subjects that is why a student cannot connect with Numbers or Formulas. It’s not considered an important problem for the parents so far however this problem is called “Maths Anxiety” and if not highlighted in time a student can have permanent damage and would never be probably able to perform good marks in mathematics, Since mathematics is an important subject which requires pretty much every day in a student’s life, therefore, an early hold on the subject can get rid of “Maths Anxiety”.

If you have read so far please don’t take this as a disease or permanent damage to the brain or confidence with mathematics its just a dilemma in the students against a particular subject. The more important question here is how to get rid of maths anxiety and Gamification is the best answer to this question. Yes, there have been numerous researches done on all age group of students by various universities and all of them concluded that gamification is the easiest, convenient, and the most fun way to handle maths anxiety and with time get rid of it once and for all.

So let’s go ahead and understand how gamification can soothe maths anxiety

• Creates Opportunities for Practice

A child may encounter cold sweats and sleepless nights if asked by their mentors to practice a topic 3 times for 5 days consecutively however when asked to play a game for 2 times a day for 3 days it will be a much more easy and interesting way to practice mathematics for students and will give them a change from the tedious and monotonous way of studying mathematics.


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• Deepens the Understanding of Numbers

Gamification helps the students to understand the number system more deeply like various opportunities to problem-solving and understanding the benchmark number systems such as (10s, 100s & 1000s) and engage a student to analyze the difference in the number systems.

• Gamification Helps Mentors 

Yes, you are reading it right. A game can act as a mentor and to understand the mentorship by games as a parent you need to play games with them at home and you can analyze your children’s mathematical thinking ability and also their potential of problem-solving skills.

• It Teaches Students a Growth Mindset

Like in a game there are various levels to conquer and the student when playing and going through the various level they have a different level of satisfaction, proud and self-confidence to conquer more levels, therefore, practicing maths with games will help a student to develop the same mindsets and then they practice to win or conquer levels and since they have already tasted the success of self – confidence which is addictive they would thrive for more and excellence.

• Engagement Enhances Critical Thinking

Since we all know that games are highly addictive and engage a student, therefore, it’s more important for parents not a Call of Duty or a Soccer game, however, educational games should be played by students, and once a student is engaged in them it enhances “Critical Thinking”. Critical thinking is known as analysis of facts to form a judgment and like in games a wrong move can take away your points in the same way mathematics also require critical thinking for mathematical problem solvers and they know the exact analysis to derive the final equations.


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• Overall Improved Academic Performance

There was research conducted in Australia with as many as 12000 students who have been taught to learn mathematics along with playing games daily for 1 hour and after a specific period when an examination was conducted to mark the changes and the examiners and the researchers were surprised to notice that for all the 12000 average performing students there was an enhancement of 15+ points in their records and they appeared more confident and happy while sitting in the examination as compared to before with regular books and classroom lectures. We can conclude from the real-life studies that playing games for all the maths anxiety students can do wonders.

There are a lot of free online games that can help your child or a student to learn mathematics basics to higher-level mathematics like

○ Sudoku
○ Tami’s Tower
○ Progidy
○ Gravity Simulator
○ Mathmateer
○ Toon Math

and many incredibly free fun games available online which can help your child grow and get rid of maths anxiety

Good Luck! 

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