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How does Technology Impact Student Learning

Student learning
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This may sound funny to many however Computer labs were one of the most fascinating rooms in the school and only a few had computers at home in the late ’90s or early 2000s. Learning was done through regular class-rooms and lectures in the school.
With the advancement in technology, the learning methods have improvised, and while multi-media plays a vital role in student learning there are various new methods evolved to learn and understand difficult topics and students can now have in-depth knowledge and logic behind a theory or a formula.
Let’s go ahead and proceed further and understand the impact of technology on student learning

• Equal Credible Option 

Earlier “Online Courses” and Classes were considered part-time and were a secondary option for the students however with increasing competitions and versatile courses, Online learning through technology is now an equally credible option for learning as regular courses. Most of the courses that are now available do have an option of Online Coaching / Learning and since the Global Pandemic world-wide many more renowned universities and colleges have completely opted for Education from Home policy until further notices.

• Valuable Research Development In Students
Nowadays research is equally important as learning at a quicker rate is important when the courses have become vast. Studies have shown that those students who have involved technology while learning have higher research skills and of course a better understanding of the topic through multimedia.

• Technology Encourage Self – Paced learning
Not every student is the same and in every classroom, some students struggle to learn and understand new concepts and fall behind their classmates however with online learning every student can set their own pace to learn and understand concepts and topics. Students who want to learn extra or understand the base or the students who require extra help can practice with exercises.

• Technology Promotes Innovative Teaching Styles
Like no student is the same no Teacher is the same. Every teacher has a unique teaching style even for the same subject or the same topic and there is a high possibility that for a topic some teacher does have a unique way of teaching which helps students learn better and faster or with years of experience, a teacher may have developed a unique and creative style of mentoring however they cannot share that outside a class or a school however with the technology advancements the same teachers are renowned for their unique teaching styles and methods and there are hundreds and thousands of students that can grasp the Innovative ideas which not only help the students to gain confidence but also help the teacher to promote or set an example and also give them fame and happiness since they are acknowledged for their innovative work.

• Technology Improves Student Engagement
Regular Classrooms can be boring and dull for any student and which impacts the speed of learning for a student however studies and researches have shown that while a student is enrolled in the Online classes the focus and the engagement levels have improved by up to 33% on average scoring students.
There are various educational quizzes, games that can help you learn, and virtual science experiments that engage the child to have fun while you learn.
For mentors there are endless opportunities as rather can explain how a volcano erupts they can demonstrate and chances are high that the demonstration will be in the mind of a student for a very long time.

˫ Technology Impact – Boon or Bane ˫

A recent survey that has been done on the students has discovered that more than half the students who are attending classes through laptops or mobile phones are distracted and researching something off the topic.
It is highly recommended by the experts and mentors that a close watch by the parents and teachers is recommended for the students attending a lecture or seeking online courses and research done by Massachusetts University found that as many as 49% of the students have gone off-guard and rather than researching they were on a social media site.
Technology can be a boon or a bane and it is totally dependent upon how a student takes it. Some students are learning new skills and methods to solve math equations or doing a simple science experiment at home and at the same time some students are wasting their time on a social media site.
There are a lot of Information available on the Internet on any particular topic and mostly free of cost, therefore, a close watch and a proper mindset are required to learn from the Opportunity and take it as an advantage and think of there are still thousands of students who do not have access to the Internet or are in a remote area where there is no scope of Online education and slowly losing the pace and getting behind. We request students to grab the opportunity and make the difference
Good Luck!

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