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Easy hacks to Improve your Child’s Concentration

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A child cannot be as quick a learner as his/her parents are and no two children have the same set of concentration even if they are from the same family. It’s hard-time for parents to engage their kids these days during the pandemic as the kids and most of the parents are working from home. To understand you have to patiently get down and try to see the world from their eyes. Due to force stay homes, sensory overload, and back-to-back online classes it’s inevitable for the child to lose focus. To add the cherry on the cake parents have little time and options to engage their kids with something productive and children have easy access to their concentration’s biggest enemy which is mobiles and online games. There are some easy to follow hacks that can help your child to focus better and regular practice of these measures will help them concentrate and achieve better in life.

The hacks that can help you improve your child concentration are:

• Create a Time Table
Creating a time table or building a routine is a must for every parent as you are seeding a strong base for your child. It’s not important that what is covered in the routine, the more important part is to follow the routine. A routine should not be tedious or hectic else the child will lose interest in the routine and will find excuses to not follow or would be daydreaming or losing concentration slowly which will affect the child’s academics and mental growth. The child with a routine will build expectations that what is coming in the next hour and this way they are ready to play or do homework or it’s revision time and this will build concentration and confidence in a child.

• Reduce Screen Time
A child who watches Cartoons or plays mobile/computer games every day is 66% more distracted than a child who plays traditional games in their free time as per the report published in the New York Times. Rather buy them games that propel creativity rather than a computer or mobile games. These concentration games will help your kid to build and strengthen to focus for longer periods. Don’t make a mistake of only giving the game and leave them on their own rather take out time of your busy schedule to involve with them so that they can focus better and can start showing interest in the game.

• Doing Homework at the same time every day
Make a calendar that involves doing homework every day at the same hour which will help eventually develop a habit of doing homework. This habit once developed will help your child to focus at the same time and they will require less effort to finish their homework as their mind would be prepared in advance for what is coming next. Consistency is the main focus of developing such a calendar which will later turn out to be a habit and finally improves concentration.


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• Reduce Distractions
This is the most challenging yet most important part of building the focus and concentration in your child. A child’s brain is a free bird and they can daydream by just viewing plain white walls and if you have an environment with too many distractions they cannot focus for longer. It’s a parent’s responsibility to develop an environment that can help your kid focus by and the first thing is to remove any gadget which is around them like television, computer, or even their favorite superhero poster. Make sure that the environment does not have any gadget of colorful painting or a poster that is visible while they are studying. Avoid places which have balconies or study places around loud music or a dining hall from where they can see anyone and can be distracted easily. If they are studying avoid receiving the doors if the bell rings as it will deplete all the energy they have stored to focus and they will have to start from the beginning again to concentrate.

• Make Room for Enough Physical Activity
Kids are full of energy and if you do not allow them to play a game or play-time they will have a negative effect like boredom or restlessness and there will be less scope for focusing as the restlessness will turn out to be a reason to not focus or study well. Kids who go out and play is much more concentrated and focused than the one sitting at home all day watching cartoons and later be distracted. It’s a way a vent to let out extra energy.

There are many more ways that you can follow to increase their concentration and to start it’s important to understand where they lack, open your heart and talk to them about what is bothering them and you can later make the changes in their time-table.
“Remember a child’s mind is a paper-plane which goes where the wind is and it’s your responsibility as a parent to give then the right direction.”


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