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Batch Nickname Contest

batch nickname contest
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We have recently rolled out a new batch nickname feature where the students will get a chance to identify their batch with a nickname which they decide among themselves. Once the students share the decided nickname with their batch teacher and the teacher updates it on our system, it will show in the upcoming class cards.

To mark the feature launch, we are organising a contest – “Coolest Batch Nickname“, where a panel of our teachers will adjudge the batch with the most creative nickname. All the students of the top 3 batches will win cool Swiflearn’er T-shirts! The winning entries will be picked up on Apr 24 so make sure that your child and batchmates share their chosen name with their teacher soon!

It is yet another step towards fostering the community feeling among the students, after the Student community initiative on Discord, while also giving students another avenue to express themselves. We hope this helps make the students more connected to their batch and also reflects in their sincerity of attending the classes and participating therein!


We are glad to announce that the Batch Nickname Contest has completely successfully with enthusiastic participation from the students. We had a really tough time choosing, but finally here are the 3 winners –

  1. Param Mitra – Advika Krishnan & Amal Krishnan
  2. Swiflearn Avengers – Anshu Prajapati, ARNAV VIVEK PATIL, vidit singh AND atul, Prachurya Patowary, Raj vardhan, Zainab Maishaque
  3. RamanuGenZ – Amrisha Mishra, Somya Raj, Grishma Ramteke, Anurag. P, Keyur Aundhekar, Devansh Bhakuni

Hearty Congratulations to all the 13 students!! Your Swiflearn’er T-shirts would be couriered to you soon!

We will be announcing the next Inter-batch competition in the upcoming week – which would allow students to demonstrate their creativities around their subjects in a collaborative manner. Stay tuned!

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