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7 Ways to Better Prepare Kids for Online Learning

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The Pandemic has started a new trend called “Online Coaching” or “Online Classes” which is now need of an hour since in this tough time one cannot afford to stop learning, online classes were a boon to many students who had In-person fears or were not keeping pace along with the class and have found the innovative and multimedia ways to learn topics and clear the basics however it has been observed that online classes were a bane to many.
Yes, learning from online coaching can be tricky as the “mentor” is far away from your kid and there can be a lot more distractions while attending online coaching. If your kid is attending coaching online from his room he will find that he is in his comfort zone which hampers his active state of mind.
Considering the importance of such situations experts from around the world had done researches and concluded some useful steps that can encourage online learning while attending classes.

Let’s go ahead and find 7 ways from experts that can encourage kids for online learning

• Establish Accountability
As a parent, you cannot fight the battle alone of motivating your kid every time or encourage them to attend classes as it is tedious and ineffective. The best alternative to this method is that let your kid communicate with their friends and discuss the progress. Make a schedule of daily check-ins with their friends this will not only encourage them but they will realize that they are not alone and your kid will have a reason to work harder.

• Provide Instant Positive Feedback
Whenever a kid comes to you saying “Hey Dad I have done this today in the class or I have answered a question” don’t neglect it, Compliment him/her. Enjoy with them make a star on their calendar or offer them sweets or playtime to celebrate the achievement as you are the energy drink that they need after a tedious yet focused day and this will encourage them to perform well again tomorrow or remain focused in the class.   


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• Eliminate Distractions
Never let your kid study in his/her room since their room is a place where they daydream or keep toys or have their favourite superhero hanging on the wall. The more the number of distractions the less they are encouraged to study, Therefore please select a quiet and different place for studying with minimal distracting surroundings so that they can focus more on Online classes.

• Break Up the Day
Kids cannot take the burden of the back to back classes in a day. When they used to go to school there was recess, Sports Periods, Music Periods, or Art Classes. Make their schedule in a way that they can have the same enjoyment or free time while they are attending the online classes. This will not only help them to concentrate more but will also help them to be excited about the rest of the day.

• Initiate Enticement Learning
The best way to motivate your kid is to reward them but make sure only when they have earned it. Give them screen-time rewards when they are attending the classes but not every-time as this may end up in a vicious cycle of work only when rewarded which is why it is important to teach your kid in advance the “terms and conditions” of achieving the reward.

• Teach the Art of Taking Notes
Even if you can record the session for your kid and can watch it later we strongly recommend asking your kid to keep a pencil and a notebook handy and note down important topics or definitions. This will not only make your kid active however will also help them to remember topics and logic for a longer period.


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• Stay As Positive As you can
Whenever something wrong happens with a kid or something good happens with them, they immediately run to their parents and tell about the situation or experience because kids look to their parents to figure out on how to react to new or intimidating situations. During the pandemic, While every kid has to study online staying home without friends or with new people anything to everything they learn is from you or how you reach therefore make sure to stay as positive as you can as when you are enthusiastic your kid will be too. Be positive about the new ideas of learning and the practice from which learning can be fun.

The world is still battling Corona Virus and no one knows how long this battle is going to take after all the efforts that you do for your kid, remember to take out time from your schedule and spend time with them since they don’t have friends around and it’s the best time to make you as your best friend.

Good luck!

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