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6 Reasons to Consider Online Learning

Online Learning
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Online learning was adopted by various Institutions and Organizations however during the global pandemic there were International and World – Wide lockdowns which have increased the scope of Online Learning as the schools and the colleges are closed and few countries are still under strict lockdowns. Lockdowns may have force closed the education centers however the education should not be compromised and since there is high competition and the course structures are designed in a way that there is no scope left to wait for the education centers to re-open or delay with the time-bound curriculums.

The GDP worldwide is experiencing a steep down-fall and millions have lost their jobs during the global pandemic. With no scopes of vaccines coming anytime soon it was necessary to consider Online education so that the learning never stops.
Online Education has now been an important part of our society. From Schools to colleges and from metro cities to villages have happily adopted the change in trends of Online Learning.

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So let’s go ahead and elaborate on Six Reasons why Online Learning is better


Retention Rates are Higher
Research done by the American Institute of Research has analyzed that rather than studying the traditional way students are keen to learn Online and offline courses struggle to retain students and there is a retention of up to 25% to 60% in Online Coachings reason been a lot of multimedia and colorful content which can help a child to grasp better as compared to regular boards and markers.

Students Learn more than they do in Traditional Courses
Online learning gives you the ability to have full control over your learning, there is no pressure from the mentors, and since every student has a different style and speed of learning you can learn how you want and when you want. You can work on the areas where you think it requires more attention and you can build a strong base comparative to the traditional method where the primary focus is to finish the chapter or the trimester course.
A study and research done by IBM indicate that If online studying has done well and planned you can learn up to 5 times from the traditional learning method using multimedia content and visualizations.
Our brain is developed in a way that we learn visualizations and graphs better than handwritten notes and formulas.


Cost-Effective than Traditional Education
There are a lot of savings when you can study Online like you save a lot of time commuting to educational Institutions and back home, besides that a lot of stationery and other essentials are required while going to school which is often available for free in Online studies.

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