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5 Smart Tips to Finish Paper on Time

Tips to finish paper on time
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Comment to a cricket fan that India needs to make 14 runs in 3 balls and without blinking they will watch the match until the last ball is thrown and it is the same feeling a kid has when their teacher shouts “last 5 minutes left”.Most students feel shocked and in dilemma as to how to finish everything they have left for the last minutes to complete. Many students have the habit of keeping the easy one’s for last and using the time for the tougher one’s to answer and this let to a total blank situation for them as the answers that they knew already are now cannot be completed and the one’s that were tough has eaten all the quality time and for which students are not sure that were they the right answer or not. By the time they realize that the questions they were confident on and can answer easily and “the bell rings”. The students were asked to put down the paper and the teacher started collecting papers and slowly the sadness and depression start covering your child with a wish that they had few more minutes and they could have performed well. With every paper, the teacher is collecting there is sorrow in the childlike a falling domino.

You may have often heard from your tutors, mentors, or friends that write what you know first and then move to the tougher part. Well, this golden rule never fails and definitely boosts the confidence in a student that they are going well so far.

There are various ways that you can try to not fall into this trap and most of the students have experienced this. Therefore after interviewing some successful students and with their mentors, we concluded that 5 smart tips were common in every student. 


So let’s proceed further and understand how you can finish the paper on time and leave the examination centre like a winner: 

• Boosting Confidence through Mock Tests.
A mock test is the best way to know where you stand. It is going to be hard in the beginning but it pays well in the future. A mock test will help you understand the examination pattern and how much time is required on a question. Seek help from your parents to put an alarm while you are practising so that you can understand how much time is required for each section.
There are various sample mock test books and even online, You can also try sample mock tests by Swiftlearn which are designed with the latest pattern as per CBSE guidelines and are free to download from the website to practice.

• Practice Time – Management
Even if it’s an examination or a day-to-day activity, It is really important to learn time – management. Make a schedule that you can achieve rather than being too harsh on yourself. Time management comes with practice and for that, you need to learn by practising questions or solving equations so that you know where you stand and the topics that require extra attention so that you do not end up messing during your examination. Every chapter has a questions section at the end, they may not look important but they will help you to finish on time when practised during homework.


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• Learn Exam Pattern
It will be a smart move to understand the exam pattern. If you practice mock tests or sample papers you will find that every subject as per CBSE guideline has a pattern and understanding these patterns will help you predict most of your question paper in advance which is an early key to success. As once you will understand and know the pattern, it’s already half battle won as in the examination hall you will be calm and composed which will help you show your skills easily.

• Re-Check and Re-Gain More Marks
“To error is human” and this phrase fits well to human- mankind. Even a brilliant student can make a small mistake due to overconfidence or excitement to complete before the time. One re-check can help you realize if you had everything written accurately. Recheck will definitely help you earn some extra marks as it’s a high possibility you might have missed out on an important question or have messed up the figures and formulas. Take our time to check your paper again as in the storm of questions this might be one seashore that will save your marks.

•Geared Up All the Time
Sitting in an examination is no less than a battle. Sending a soldier without arms in a war is already losing the soldier or battle and the same technique goes with examinations. You may have prepared well for the examination but if you are not consistent with the subject and have given long gaps will not solidify your practice and your time management will be disturbed. Therefore, make sure that you are practising all the subjects with a regular time table that no subject misses out.

Swiflearn can help you achieve your goals as there are mock tests available online free of cost that you can download and practice all the smart steps mentioned above and can achieve well in the examinations and finish papers on time.

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