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5 Reasons Why Kids Should Master Python Language

Python language
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Python is a programming language that gained popularity in recent times because it’s an adaptable language for programmers in computer games, Web applications, or Data Analysis. Python language was created in the year 1980 and the reason why a kid should master Python is because of simplicity. Unlike other programming languages like C or SQL where or Power-shells where a kid needs to remember the usage of special characters by heart, python is known for its simple to use, fun, and most important for its versatility. Any web app or a game can be built in a single language. Languages like C or C++ has some pre-defined syntax and rules that a kid has to learn before starting the basics of coding however in python these features are inbuilt and kids don’t have to check how these input or output codes are taking place and which is why we recommend it’s a language that will not only be fun but will pay the students in the coming future as with time it has come more into picture which will be an add-on in their career or resume.


Here are the 5 reasons why parents should introduce their children to python 

• Omnipresence Demand for Python World-Wide
Until 2018 Java was the language that was common and practised world-wide among coders to develop an application or a game however in 2018 when Python language started reaching fame it has gradually become the highest growing programming language. There can be various games that a kid can develop in python and there are many forums and online communities where you can get your bugs fixed. The communities are world-wide and accessible for all which thousands of dedicated users who practice new codes everyday.

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• Easy for Beginners and Tender Foots
There are many programming languages like C or C++ and these languages have “coding -rules” that even a novice has to learn before writing the first sentence of the code.
If your kid is into technology but doesn’t like the roots of how gadgets are developed or how they work teaching them the syntax (coding-rules) would be challenging for you and the high possibility that it will discourage the child as there are no pre-defined rules for writing python as python is known for its closest connection to the human brain where you do not have to grasp “laws of coding” before even starting to code therefore they can start and early and can learn easily.

• Free and Open Source 
Python is a free programming language and will continue to remain free for a lifetime. There are thousands of online forums and communities active over the internet offering free sample codes for beginners and novices to understand how python coding works. There are packages and un-countable libraries you can download for your kid-free of cost to understand the basics of python language.

•  Easy to Install and Easy to Use
Since the python language is free of cost, it’s very easy to install the python on your PC. You need to go to the official python website and download it. The language is free of cost for  MAC, Linux, and Windows Users. After downloading from the website you need to run the installer to start the application. In a Windows PC, you need to type and search the “cmd” and in MAC OS and Linux you need to open the terminal and run the programs from there

In other programming languages, there are brackets, and semicolons or brackets are used in indentation between the code, however, in python, the indentation is done with spaces. It will be easy for the kid to learn since it’s neat and builds confidence in the child to develop code relatively faster and reliable.

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• Versatile Domains
Python has a wide-spread domain. It’s required in every field be it data science or kid’s favourite – games. If your kid is fascinated by how games are developed python is the right language for them since most of the games are developed in python. It is also used in big-data, which is handling large chunks of data and if your kid will develop an interest in developing games who knows later he/she will have a keen interest in managing big data. With the changing times and involvement of online learnings and jobs world will need more tech enthusiasts and coders.

Besides all of the above reasons why your kid should learn python, it’s also important that you should involve your kid in coding because the early key to success for students is getting involved in coding at an early stage of education. Coding for kids will help them improve their mathematical and writing skills and at the same time give them the necessary valuable skills for life and in the workforce.

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