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5 Common Myths About Tuition

Myths about tuition
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In the competitive age of examinations, many parents are in a dilemma whether to enroll their children under the able guidance of home tutors. As technology is progressing, home tuition also has taken a considerable transformation. Most of the parents live in a make-believe world about teaching. Certain myths give some far-fetched ideas about education. These common myths are not always apt ones. A variation is there, which makes them fall under the thinking traps. Read below the five myths debunked concerning home tuition.


  • Tuition Is for Average Students

Tutoring improves the child’s grades, and home tuition is a simple way of imparting knowledge for their academic betterment. Apart from school, the home tutor gives enough experience to help the child’s perspective towards the future of education. Home tuition is all about mentoring, transforming their viewpoints, and catering to a meaningful and more engaging learning experience. It revolves around the development of the child’s goals in academic life, motivation, and attitudes of grasping more.

The entire process enriches the child’s way of looking at things and a steady mindset towards the academic world. Home tuition partly bases on home-works, textbook chapters, and assignments. But the entire gamut depends upon the concept of mentoring and coaching. Irrespective of the child’s performance in school, home tuition is highly recommended.


  • Tuition Makes Children Dependent and Self-Reliant

One of the common myths about tuition is the misconception of teaching the child to be conditioned over external coaching instead of being self-reliable. But this is not right. This is a stereotype concept that is inaccurate and sounds strange. Home tutors encourage their students to be independent concerning the learning process.

They are the epitome of patience and perseverance. Their inspiration happens to be the main thing, thorough with challenges and enriching knowledge. Children do all the work themselves, and the home tuition teachers are the ones supporting them. Home tuition is a fixed term procedure, along with a distinct goal or finishing line. The student thus succeeds well in their academic excellence. 


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  • Tuition Is Stressful

A bit of this myth is right. If the child is overburdened with his school work and the extracurricular activities, then home tuition might become more for them to handle. The parents of modern times desire to make the child learn most of the things at one go. Home tuition is a strategy enabling the child to enjoy the additional pursuits and their interests. The home tutors teach them specific strategies and certain heuristics, which help the students in comprehending and applying their ways of learning.

Moreover, they impart the studying techniques and the mnemonics, like memorizing tactics, making the otherwise time-consuming and frustrating procedure a more efficient and productive one. In-home tuition, the stress level depends upon the home tutor‘s attitude towards the child. Other additional factors, like the environment, generalized tone of teaching, and culture, also has a direct effect on the child.

So, to make the academic portion and easy-sailing one, the home tuition teacher has to have positive attributes and respect towards the entire concept of imparting knowledge. The relationship between the child and the tutor should be cooperating while expressing their opinions and ideas freely. 


  • Expensive Tuition Is the Right One

Getting knowledge about any particular subject might not affect a child’s future in a more significant manner. But the process of education and it’s overall exposure towards academic excellence helps in the consequent development of the child’s character. The child is required to perform well in school to achieve direct access to these practices.

Home tuition augments these developments by catering to the provision of exposing these practices. It also helps the child in performing well to access better schools and its amenities. And, provided, if the home tuition suits the child’s further development, then price stands secondary always. 


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  • Tuition Tutors Are Not As Competent as School Teachers

Home tutors can never replace the role of any school teacher. Instead, they offer something more to the students. Home tuition offers something different, and it is the direct, tailored learning and mentoring that helps the child to achieve their academic goals. The home tutors provide their valuable advice, along with their specialized teaching methods.

The tutor gets to bring into being a wide variety of experiences while guiding and diversifying their interactive styles with the concerned child. The entire perspective related to academics goes under a transformation. Home tuition goes along with the small class size, with a single or a handful of children. Thus the home tutor acts as the better mentor and provides excellent support to his students. And the whole thing directly depends upon the student’s requirement. 


Closing Message

Home tuition has its pros and cons, and not all harm the child. It is the environment that makes the concept of home tuition and the home tutors the baseless ones. The above discussed five myths about tuition acts as an eye-opener for the real fact. 


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