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3 Things Parents Can Do Help Kids Achieve More

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Every parent would dream that their kid rise and shine and even achieve more than what they did and recently we have seen parents trying real hard to do so and since lockdown when parents have much more time to involve with their kids they try to utilize every minute of it by spending time with them or helping them in their online classes or playing games with them in their free time. This is one of those lifetime opportunities that may never occur again as before the pandemic it was a routine 9-5 job for parents and out of the busy schedule, it was difficult for parents to take out time for their kids but now when they have the opportunity they are utilizing it to the fullest. Besides playing with them in their free time or helping them with their homework is just not enough to help them achieve more, therefore, there are various steps as a parent you can try which will help your kid rise and make his/her and your dreams come true. It is said that children learn from their parents and it is important for the parents to portrait the right guidance in life.
There can be many steps that you can follow as a parent to help your achieve more however psychologist says that here are the Three Most Important steps for a child to learn as soon as possible so that they can achieve more in life which Includes.

• Teach Tolerance
Have you ever experienced that in a social gathering there is one child who is always crying and cribbing for something or other and making their parents feel awkward? It’s not because the child has some problems or something missing or he got hurt. It’s just a feeling in the child that he/she cannot do anything of their choice. This problem not only creates a sense of shame for the parents but also is a helpless situation for you as a parent. It’s a situation where you cannot explain them in front of a whole lot of people and cannot let it go. Do you know why this happened? Because when the kid is at home he feels he is the king of the house and he knows by hook or crook they can make their wish come true and they think the same can happen in a social gathering as well. A child needs to learn tolerance otherwise they end up needing professional help someday. They need to learn there are things in the world that cannot be changed and intolerance will create a nuisance in their minds and they end up messing things.

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• Attend Parents – Teacher Meetings & Annual Day’s
Kids do exceptionally well in academics when they have support from their parents and support does not confine to helping them do their homework. If you are attending your kid’s parent-teacher meeting you get to interact with their teachers and it helps you understand what your kid is up to or where are the kid’s weak points and along with their mentor when worked together the child does wonders in academics. You may not know but if you do not visit your kid’s school too often or in a parent’s teacher meeting they are being bullied by other students and this develops a sense of insecurity among them. You are the support system of your child and they wait for you to come to school and support them and if you do not show up it may also hamper the parent’s – kid relation and with time he may not expect from you anymore which means when you grow old and look forward to your child to support you, I am sorry they may not be around. If you visit their institutions often watch them perform in their annual day they would perform better since you are watching them and they trust you that you will feel happy and more proud of them which later helps them to achieve well.

• Teach Organizational Skills 
An organized kid is more focused and does not get sidetracked or be distracted hunting down things to do on time. Being Organized does not mean that you have to teach them MBA skills in elementary school. It’s easy by keeping track of their homework and assessments. Teach your child a planner for the day and make a to-do list on daily basis like
– Homework
– Cricket
– Put clothes in Wardrobe
– Reading
Something like which is easy to follow and make sure to reward them when they have followed the routine because your small rewards will motivate them to repeat again and for Organized kids when they grow up life will reward well too. An Organized kid will never be performing poorly or is distracted by bad elements and distractions can happen at any stage of life and if they are focused from the beginning they will perform well in their academics, career, and life.

Remember you are not just raising a child you are putting bricks on a pillar. Your hard work as a parent now will lay a good foundation that will be untouched by any storm and protecting you when you grow old.
Good Luck

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